Chapter 7: Yo

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-Alesana's POV-

"MATTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shouted as I was running from my bedroom into the kitchen. "What?" He asked as he took a bite of toast. "I'm bored. I need something to do. Do you have a piece of paper and pencil?" I asked him. Matt thought for a moment then shrugged and got up to walk to his room. A few minutes later he came back with paper and a pencil.

"Here." He said. I took it and sat at the table, doodling away randomly.

-Alesana's Inner Conscious atm-

Ooohhh I wonder what I'm drawing. Oh oh oh! Let's do little lined over here. Oh oh oh! And and and let's draw three little dots right under this weird oval thing. OOOHHH WE GOTTA AT A ROSE RIGHT UNDER THE HEAD!!!!! Over here nananana! We have this we have this. Check. Check. Check. Fuck fuck fuck we messed up. Gotta erase ova here my nigguhs. Ooohh lets check this out....hmmm...Let's add a little bit more....let's also make it a bit realistic by just adding a bit of color aka pencil. OOHH THIS LOOKS FABULOUS!!!!

-Okay...back to actual Alesana....(that was a bit weird;_;)-

Oh..I'm done. Oh...I drew Oliver. Nailed it. "So...uh...I finished..." I told Matt who was staring at me with amazement as I sat my pencil down. "Holy shit Alesana...that...that is amazing..." Matt said as he took the drawing away from me. "You put like every little detail. How that hell did you remember all of that without even looking at a picture??" He asked.

"I have good memory?" I said a little bit unsure. "Fuck yeah you do. OLIVER GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!" Matt shouted. My eyes widened and I shook my head furiously towards Matt. "No no no shhh! You can't let him see that! Especially since it's of him!!!!!" I yelled trying to take the picture back from Matt. "Can't let me see what?" Oli said as he came into the kitchen. I stopped harassing Matt and my head shot towards Oliver. "Oh..uh...hehe...nothing...." I mumbled, slowly sitting back down in my seat. Matt grinned and motioned for Oli to come near him. A look of confusion spread across his face like a blanket as he walked over to Matt but it was soon filled with amazement as he took the drawing from Matt.

"Did you draw this?" He asked me. "" I said a bit unsure. "This is fucking amazing." Oliver said, looking at me and smiling. I blushed a bit. "Thanks.." I mumbled, looking down at my lap. "Alesana, we're gonna go meet mum and dad I guess you should go get ready because we're meeting them for lunch in an hour." Matt said. I looked up at him and nodded. "Can I have my drawing back?" I asked Oli. Oli handed it back to me and I began walking to my room.

I walked to my closet and pulled out a Neff t-shirt then black skinny jeans from Hot Topic. I then walked to my dresser and grabbed my.....lady....stuff. Walking to the bathroom I bumped into Oliver. "Why are we always bumping into each other....that's like the 10th time this week...." I mumbled. "Because we're attracted." He winked. I blushed madly and stood up walking to the bathroom quickly. "GOD DAMMIT OLIVER!" I yelled at him before I shut the bathroom door. I heard him chuckle as I got undressed and entered the shower.

I finished my shower and got dressed then walked into the living room to see Matt dressed and ready. "Ok...let's get this over with.." I mumbled. Matt sent me a sad smile and walked over wrapping his arm around me. "You'll be fine. I promise." He told me as we walked out of the door.

30 minutes of driving later I was at the place where I was meeting my...parents.

"You okay?" Matt asked as I started tapping my legs. I shook my head as my legs started shaking furiously. "Calm down Alesana..." He told me, trying to calm me down. I pulled my knees to my chest as Matt pulled his phone from his pocket dialing someone's number. A few moments later Matt was talking to someone and he then handed the phone to me.

"'s Oliver." I heard. The phone was on speaker. "Alesana...breathe...just focus on something in the car and breathe." My eyes searched around the car and I focused on the radio tuner. "Breathe Alesana." Oli said. I began to breathe slower and better. "Are you better now?" Oli asked. "Yeah...t-thanks once again Oliver..." I said, my voice still a bit shaky. "My pleasure, love. Tell your parents I said hello, alright?" He said. "I-I will...bye Oliver.."

"Bye Ala." And then he hung up. I looked at Matt and he smiled at me. "You guys so love each other." He laughed as we got out of the car. I walked over to him a shoved him. "No." I mumbled. "Uh huh..look me in the eyes and say that." He challenged. I looked up at him, "We do not love each other..." I said quietly. "You look away. You liar. If you guys aren't together in some way shape or form by the end of this month all hell will break lose." He told me and we began walking inside.

I saw two people look directly at us, a woman and a man, and the woman smiled brightly while the man had a soft smile. They both walked towards us and we were both engulfed into hugs. "Matt! Alesana!" The woman called, squeezing us tight. "Uhhh..." I said awkwardly. "Oh! I'm so sorry Alesana...I um...I guess we should introduce ourselves?" The man who I'm guessing is my father said. "Uh..I guess that would be nice.." I mumbled, cowering into Matt's side. "Well..I'm Jamie, your mother, and this is my husband, your father, Greg." My mother said.

"Hi.." I said shyly. "Well...I assume we should eat and talk about everything." My father said. I nodded and we got a table for 4.

"So, how have you been, Matt?" My father asked. "I've been pretty good, it's nice to have a little sister around." Matt responded. "How about you, Alesana?" My mum asked. "I...uh...I've been doing better." I responded unsure. My mum gave me a confused look, "I'm not ready to explain a lot of that yet.." I mumbled, leaning my head on Matt's shoulder. They nodded and a waitress came to take our drink orders.

"So, Alesana, do you have any talents?" My dad asked. "Uhhh...." I stuttered. "Yes! You should see the drawing of Oliver that she did! Hang on, lemme get Oli to send a pic." Matt said excitedly. I elbowed him in the side and glared at him. "Sorry sis." He laughed as he received the picture from Oli. He showed our parents and they stared at it in amazement. "Oh my goodness, you're very talented with the arts." My mum said.

"Oh...uh...thanks." I said softly. She sent me a soft smile and I sent one back in return.

We eventually left, and I now had my parents' numbers and whatever. On the way back home I fell asleep.

"Alesana, wake up." Matt said shaking me. "Urrrggg...." I grumbled, unbuckling my seatbelt groggily and opening the car door. I stepped out of the car and groggily walked up the stairs leading up to Matt's apartment and waited for him to unlock the door. Once Matt had unlocked the door I walked slugishly to my room and flopped onto my bed.

I'm lonely. Pulling out my phone, I pulled up Oliver's contact.

Alesana: Oliverrrrrr.......come to my roooommmmm I'm lonely.....

Oliver The Dinosaur: Okkkk I'll be there in a minute boo boo.

Alesana: Yayyy!

A few minutes later Oli came walking into my room in his boxers. Oh sweet dayum. Dem tattoos...dat body...WAIT ALESANA SNAP THE FUCK OUTTA DAT SHIT!

"Ellooooo!" He said as he hopped into bed beside me. "Hi." I said quietly, snuggling into him. Oli wrapped his arms around my waist and I rested my head on his chest. "Night Oliver." I mumbled while yawning. "Night Ala.."

"I love you." I heard faintly as I drifted off into a deep sleep.

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