Chapter 19: Liquor and Love Lost *ending (but don't get mad..I have news)*

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-Alesana's POV-

"EMMAAAAAA!!!!!!" I shouted once she answered the phone. "Holy shit Alesana. What?" She laughed. "We still hanging out today?" I asked. "Of course!" "Sweet! What time again?" I questioned. "About an hour." Emma chuckled. "Mkayyy, I'll be at your place in an hour!!" I hung up and walked over to my closet, pulling out a Drop Dead sweater and purple skinnies to match. I then went to the bathroom and straightened my hair then put in a silver hoop nose ring. "Makeup...or no makeup...?" I asked myself. I looked myself over and decided that I looked presentable enough to go without make up.

I finished getting ready and walked downstairs to grab a small thing to eat, because knowing Emma and I, were going to pig out at our favorite diner. Hehe. Normal.

I pulled out my phone and sent a text.

Ala: I'm on my way betch :*

Emma da Fish: See you soon :*

I grabbed my car keys and walked out the door. Once I got into my car, I plugged my phone into my auxiliary cord then put on my favorite song, Fifteen Fathoms, Counting. Weird, I know. It's only instrumental and no vocals, but honestly. It's the shit and I fucking love it.

I arrived at Emma's and just walked right into her house. "I'm hereeeee!" I sang, walking to the kitchen where she normally is. "Hiii!" She said excitedly. "Hey boo!" I smiled. "Ready to go pig out?!" She asked. How did I know. I smiled widely, "Fuck yes!"

-Matt's POV-

~Later that day~

The band and I were going out to a bar and surprisingly Oli joined us. He doesn't ever really go anymore, but lately he's been going A LOT and getting fucked up.

"How was Alesana when you left?" Jordan asked. "She was doing pretty good. Getting better and everything." I responded. "How much longer do I have till I get to see her beautiful face in person again?!" Oli asked excitedly. "You have about a week, mate." I chuckled. Oli smiled and we continued walking to the bar.

After a while, everyone started to float off, but Jordan and I stuck together. "I wonder what Alesana is up to right now..." I thought aloud. "She's hanging out with Emma. They were pigging out earlier." Jordan answered, chuckling. "Thank god she's eating." I said as I took another drink. "I know. Did anything else happen while you were back home?" He asked, full of concern. "Don't tell Oliver, but she self harmed again. And it was bad..." I responded. "Damn, how bad?" Jordan asked. "You couldn't even see her forearms, Jordan....her thighs were better than usual though...they were at least a bit visible...I've just never seen someone so broken.." I mumbled. Jordan sighed and I took another drink. "Me either."

We continued our night and just partied like usual.

-Alesana's POV-

"So...we should do a drinking game." Emma laughed, wiggling her eyebrows. "Oh god, Fish. I'm scared." I laughed. "A Family Guy drinking game."

"Can I just drink coffee instead of alcohol...I kinda don't want to uh...I have a uh....bad past with it..." I asked. "Of course, I was gonna do that anyway." She smiled. "Thank youuu!!!!" I smiled. Emma chuckled at me and we began our family drinking game.

~A few hours later at around 4 am~

"EMMA! I'M NOT TIRED! ARE YOU TIRED?!?!?!!" I shouted, hanging upside down on her couch. "Why in the hell did I let you drink 15 cups of coffee..." She questioned. See, she drank her some nice little alcohol and I drank me some nice little fifteen cups of coffee. Hehe.

"Hehehehehehe!" I laughed. Right now, I was dancing with her dog. "Emma! Get off your drunk ass and dance with me!" I shouted while giggling. "Noooo!!!!!" She whined, trying to walk over to me without falling. See this is really funny because you have a really hyper active 23 almost 24 year old and a drunk -insert Emma's age- year old.

"Emmaaaa! I can't can't can't get enough!" I sang, walking back to her kitchen to make coffee. "NO!" She screamed, stumbling over her feet. "HAHA STUPID!" I shouted, making more coffee. Emma got up and clumsily walked over to me and turned off the coffee pot. "No more!" She said. I began to pout and we walked back over to the couch and watch more of Family Guy.

-Matt's POV-

It was getting near bus call and Jordan and I was trying to find everyone. We've found Vegan and Lee, but we can't find Oliver and it's really starting to piss us off.

"OLIVER!" I shouted. We searched more and more and then finally we found him. Kissing a girl who obviously isn't my little sister. I grabbed my phone and took a picture really fast then ran over and ripped the girl off of Oliver.

"What the fuck man?!" I shouted, punching him in the nose. "YOU'RE JUST LIKE HANNAH! GET YOUR ASS UP AND LET'S GO TO THE BUS!" I shouted once again, punching him again. Vegan and Lee ran over to me, grabbing my arms before I could throw anymore punches and Jordan helped Oliver up off of the couch him and the slut was sitting on.

We all walked back to the bus and Vegan and Lee made sure they kept me away from Oliver. "Just go to your bunk and lay down. We'll take care of Oli..." Jordan told me. I shrugged off Vegan and Lee's arms and stormed off to my bunk. I gotta tell Alesana. I have to...

-Alesana's POV-

I was about to drift off until my phone vibrated. I picked it up and saw that I had a message from Matt. I smiled and unlocked my phone to reveal something that I never wanted to see.

Big Brother<3: Sis.....-insert pic of what Oliver and girl was doing-

*******************So hi guys, that's the end of this story. But! Guess what?! There's gonna be a sequel. I'm not that big of a bitch to leave you guys hanging on something like this xD you don't understand how long I've been planning to do this. The final paragraph or what not will continue in the sequel and you'll get to read what she does and all the shit that goes down. The sequel will be up tomorrow because it's 1am and I'm tired as shit. It'll obviously be up on my profile, and it'll be called 'It Never Ends' it'll have a picture of Oliver and Alesana on it ;p just keep your eyes peeled for it tomorrow when I'm actually up and can process shit xD Have a nice night/morning loves<3 See you in the next book!

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