Chapter 8: So Come A Little Closer, Tell Me Those 3 Little Words Pt 1

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-Alesana's POV-

"Alaaaaa...." I heard a voice whisper. "Mmm...go away..." I groaned. "Ala wake up for me please." The voice whispered again. I turned towards the person that was speaking and opened my eyes. "Oh, hi Oliver." I said lightly causing him to chuckle. "Morning Ala." He laughed. "How are you this morning?" I asked yawning in between. "I'm doing fine, how about you?" Oli smiled. "I'm doing a whole lot better." I told him, snuggling closer into his chest. "Woah love, try to snuggle any closer I think you'll be in my skin." He laughed. I laughed slightly and scooted back a bit.

"Sorry my little Dino. Why did you wake me the way?" I asked. "Your little Dino? And because I wanted to do something today." He chuckled. "Yes, you are my little Dino. And what would you like to do, Oliver?" I asked. "I was thinking we could be lazy and watch movies and eat food."

I looked at Oli and he had a hopeful look in his eyes with the smile that I love so much plastered on his face. "Hmmm...sure. I wouldn't mind." I mean hell, who wouldn't mind hanging out with dat fine ass mothafucka for a day?

"Yay! You can stay in your...pjs?" He asked, gesturing to my jeans and tshirt that I wore the night before. "I'm gonna take a shower first...I really need one.." I laughed, getting up and walking to my drawers. I pulled out sweatpants and a tank...along with other lady stuff...and walked to the shower. "I'll be back in 30." I told him and took my shower.

I walked back into my room and Oli was setting up a movie on my TV. "What movie?" I asked causing Oli to jump and hit his head on the tv. "Ow fuck my head." Oli mumbled, rubbing the back of his head. "I'M SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN TO SCARE YOU!!!" I ran over to Oli and hugged him. "I'm sorrryyyyy!" I yelled, hugging him tight. "Ala...It's okay....just me losing air isn't..." Oli said lightly. I let go of Oli and walked back over to my bed and sat. "So...what movie?" I asked again. "Psshhhh....." He said quietly.

"It's Jurassic Park isn't it..." I sighed. "Whattttttttt.....noooooooo......" Oli's voice got higher. "God dammit Oliver." I laughed. "Yesh?" He asked cutely. "Just sit your cute ass down so we can watch the movie." I scooted over and pat the spot next to me as I climbed under the covers. "I have a cute ass?" He asked trying to look at his butt. "God dammit Oliver. Just get your ass next to me."

Oliver hopped into bed and wrapped his arm around me pulling me closer as the movie turned on.

"I should really order food." Oli whispered in the middle of Jurassic Park. "Shhhhhh....go order I'll be here." I pushed his face to the side with my eyes glued to the tv. Oli laughed and got up from the bed and began to call some place.

"I have 3 words..." Oli whispered when he got back into the bed. I froze...ummmm?

"I.....lo-got pizza." He laughed. I looked at him and gave him a death glare. "Ok.." I mumbled, looking back at the tv as he chuckled lightly. I leaned my head on his shoulder and resumed watching the movie.

"Food!!!!!" I yelled as someone knocked on the door when the movie cut off. "FOOD OLI FOOD!" I shouted, hopping up. "Good to see you're eating and excited about eating." He smiled, standing beside me intertwining our fingers. "Don't get your dick too happy, I've only eaten 3 things this week..." I mumbled. Oli looked at me before we opened the door. "We're gonna talk." He mouthed and opened the door. Oli paid for the pizza and we went back to my room.

"Yesh?" I asked as we sat on the bed. "Yesh what?" He asked. "You said we were gonna talk..." I mumbled. "Ah. Yeah, I just...Ala, I really want you to get better. We all do. You don't think that they don't notice your scars and weird eating routines?" Oli asked, looking into my eyes. I looked down and sighed then looked back up at Oliver, "I'm sorry's just....really hard.....I try....I eat some....I haven't harmed in a week...I'm really trying Oli..." I mumbled, tears forming.

Oliver used his thumb to wipe a few fallen tears and pulled me into a hug. "Keep trying, for me. For Matt. Vegan. Lee. Everyone. Please keep trying." He whispered softly. "I...I'll try..." I whispered. "Good. Now! Let's have some pizza and wipe those tears away." Oli smiled, pulling away and wiping my tears. I giggled softly and grabbed a piece of pizza.

"Wanna watch another movie?" I asked looking at Oliver who was stuffing his face. Oliver looked at me as he took a bite, "Sure." He said with a mouthful of pizza. I mentally facepalmed, got up putting my pizza on my desk and looking through the DVD collection. "OH MY GOD HE HAS BROTHER BEAR! WE ARE GONNA WATCH IT I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT AND I JUST KNOW THAT MY FEELS WILL BE ATTACKED!!!!" I shouted opening the case and putting it in the TV.

"I'm not even gonna question." Oli said, putting the pizza box on the floor and wiping his hands. I climbed back into bed and laid next to him cuddling into his side. "You seriously like to cuddle with me, don't you?" He asked. "Shh." I said, wrapping my arms around his waist. Oli wrapped his around mine and I felt safe and warm and loved. The most I've felt in years. I love this feeling.

"Hey Ala, I have something to say.." Oli said randomly some time during the movie. "Yeah?" I asked, looking at him. "I...uh...urg...I dunno how to say this without sounding weird." He mumbled.

"Say it Sykes." I joked. Oliver sighed and situated himself and I to where we were facing each other. "I think I love you Alesana."

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