Hospital For Souls Bring Me The Horizon(Oli Sykes)

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-Alesana's POV-

I heard the front door slam and I froze. Shit he's here. I thought. I ran upstairs quickly to my room. Please don't hurt me this time.. I thought to myself. I ran inside my closet and sat, hearing heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. "ALESANA!" The voice boomed. Fuck. "GET YOUR FAT ASS OUT HERE!" He's angry and drunk fucking amazing isn't it. I stayed hidden in my closet while the monster barged into my room. "ALESANA! I KNOW YOU'RE HOME!" He yelled, opening my closet door. The monster grinned and grabbed me by my hair, slinging me across the room. I whimpered and he grabbed my jaw forcefully. "Why were you hiding?" He growled. "What happened last time you were hiding?" He threatened. "I...I..." I was to scared to speak. The monster kicked me in the stomach and shoved me to the ground. I let out a cry of pain and the monster began beating me more. After 30 minutes of constant punching, kicking, and slinging, he was finished with me.

~Oh, I guess I can introduce myself. Uh, hi.. I'm Alesana Marie Nicholls. Um..I'm adopted, but I will never take the last name of the monster I live with. Lemme give you a bit of background. When I was born, my original birth parents kept me for about 3 months, and then took me to an adoption center. I'm originally from Sheffield in the UK, but the monster who adopted me is from America. Fun. Well, when I was about 3 years of age I was adopted by the monster I live with now. Now, for the first couple of years while his wife was alive, he was amazing, but when she died, I was 5 years old, and a month after was when I got my first beating. I'm about 23 years of age now, and it's been going on for 18 years now. What fun. I kinda do wish I knew my birth parents, and apparently on my adoption files I have a brother named Matt Nicholls. I also want to meet him.. apparently he's about 5 years older than me. But heyyyy I'll let you know other things about me. Um, I have a very big obsession with music. I really don't have a favorite band I'll just have to learn more about me later in this..story. I'm gonna get back to what ever is happening in present time now.~

I walked into the bathroom and felt under the sink until I found what I was looking for. Bingo. I ripped it off the bottom of the sink and took the unwanted tape off. "Hello again.." I mumbled, pressing it against my wrists. Blood began pouring out of the cut and I did that multiple times before putting it away, washing my wrists and going to bed.

*******************Hai. So..this is a BMTH start yes. But it'll get better and it'll play itself out. So, enjoy I guess cx

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