Chapter 6: Flying and the Feeling of Dying

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-Alesana's POV-

"Alesanaaaaaaa! Alesana! Aye aye aye wake up boo boo!" I heard a voice say causing me to groan. "Mmm...leave me aloneeeeee!" I mumbled as the bunk sank in. "Pwease Alesanaaaa!" The voice said. I turned towards the wall and curled tighter into my ball. "Go away." I grumbled. "But.." I turned around and faced the person who's voice I've been hearing and snuggled into their bare chest.

"Are you that tired?" The person chuckled. "Yes.." I said, wrapping my arms around them. "Well...we're at the airport...and we kind have to leave now." They said. "Ugghhh fine. Will you carry me?" I asked. "Sure, hang on lemme get out. You gotta let go now, love." I let go of the person and they climbed out. "Alright, start scooting." I began to scoot and fell into someone's arms. I decided that it was time to open my eyes and looked to see Oli. "Hi." I mumbled.

Oli chuckled at me and began walking. "The guys have your bags." Oli said. "Alright." I said, leaning my head against his chest that now had a shirt on. I closed my eyes once again as Oli walked into the airport towards the guys.

"You're gonna have to stand up for security, love." Oli whispered. "Ok...put me down.." I said groggly. Oli sat me down and I took off my shoes and what not then walked through the system. Once that was done I put my shoes and other things on once again and waited for the boys.

"Alright, let's go find our terminal." Fishy said, yawning. I yawned after him which caused Oli to yawn, then caused Matt to yawn, then Vegan, and then Lee. We suddenly erupted in laughter and began walking to find our terminal. "We had a chain going there." I laughed.

"C'mon Senpais, we must venture forth!" I said, hopping onto Matt's back as we found our terminal. Matt groaned and grabbed my legs then began to walk forward, everyone else chuckled at us.

"Just to inform on who is sitting with who, Alesana, you're with Oli and I, Jordan you're with Lee and Vegan." Matt said. I nodded and everyone else shrugged. We walked over to the chairs and we all sat, but before Matt sat down he took me off of his back. Rude. Matt sat down and I laid across everyone's laps.

"Why are you lying on me?" Lee asked. "Because I need sleep." I mumbled, grabbing Oli's and my brother's hands in the most awkward position. "This feels awkward.." I whispered. "Very..." Oli said. I let go of their hands and sat up leaning against Oli and propping my legs on Matt.

"Boarding group B." A lady spoke over the intercom. Fuck fuck fuck that's us. I got up off of the boys and I began walking very slowly. "C'mon love, you'll be fine." Oli said, grabbing my hand and pulling me forward. I inwardly groaned and began walking with Oli. Fuck my life. The worst part about all of this is that we're flying over an ocean for about 18 hours or so.

"Trust me, you'll be fine." Matt told me as he gripped my other hand while we waited in line. "It's not that bad." Lee laughed. "Fuck off..." I mumbled, leaning my head on Matt's arm.

"Hello, ticket please?" The flight attendee said as we got up to her. Matt handed her our tickets and Oli handed her his. "Alright, enjoy your flight." She smiled. I sent her a small smile back and we began boarding the plane.

I sat in the middle of Oli and Matt and began shaking my leg. Then I began to tap my fingers on my legs. And now we're at the part where my breathing begins to quicken.

"Hey hey hey, Alesana, it's okay, look at me." Oli said, taking my hands and trying to turn me as best as he could to face him. I tried my best also and faced him the best I could. "Look into my eyes, focus on my voice. Breathe." He said softly. "In and out. In and out." Oli mumbled.

I looked in Oli's eyes and I began to breathe, my shaking began to come to a slow stop.

After about 10 minutes, we had already taken off, I was calm and both Oli and Matt held my hands reassuring me every 20 minutes or so that everything will be fine.

10,000 feet in the air, Oli and I were sharing ear buds listening to the Misfits. He was calming. I felt safer. I still feel like I'm dying, but meh, it's okay.

"Love, wake up." Oli said shaking me slightly. I opened my eyes and looked around to see that I was in a car at a different place. "Did you carry me off of the plane?" I asked him. "Yeah, I figured that I'd let you sleep, but I kinda need you to wake up now...I have some things to carry in...a lot of my things..." He mumbled. I nodded and got out. "Need any help?" I asked.

"Sure, if you want to help." Oli smiled. I smiled back and helped Oli bring his things in.

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