Chapter 4: Heroes

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-Alesana's POV-

I woke up snuggled into someone's chest. Growing slightly confused, I tried to pull away and see who it was, but to my surprise noooo this mystery person had to have a death grip on me. I looked at this person's shirtless tattooed chest and tattooed arms then recognized who it was, Oliver. I all of the sudden had the strange urge to pee.

"Oliver.." I whispered, poking his chest. "Mmmm...." He groaned. "Oliver move or I will piss all over this bed and you." I mumbled. "That would be pretty bad considering this is your bunk." He chuckled, half asleep. "Fuck you Oliver, please move though." I whined. "Fineeee." He mumbled then started scooting till the edge, now note, Oli still had a death grip on me, and he fell off, causing me to almost piss myself-literally-as we both fell.

"God dammit, Oliver." I mumbled, getting up and running-I seriously ran-to the bathroom. I finally relieved myself then walked out of the bathroom to find everyone sitting in the lounge.

"Yo.." I said quietly as I sat next to Fishy aka Jordan. "Sup little Nicholls?" Lee asked. "Please...never call me that again....and I'm doing better?" I said a bit unsure to which him and the rest of the guys besides Oli-he was still upstairs apparently-nodded and smiled at me.

"So, we're going shopping today." Matt said randomly. I nodded, "Sweet, have fun with that."

"Not for us, you." Fishy said. "Oh.." I mumbled, "I don't want you guys to spend your money on me.." I said quietly. They kept objecting and we all began to argue about then buying me things.

"We don't mind, you need clothes anyway, then you also need a phone." Oli said randomly. I groaned. "Fine."

"Holy shit, got her to agree by-" Lee paused and started counting on his fingers, "Only saying about 13 words. TEACH US YOUR WAYS YOUNG MASTER!" Lee shouted causing Oli to shrug. "I shall never teach you my ways." He said sneakily as his phone began to ring.

"Fucking Hannah again." He grumbled as he turned his phone of. "Let's just go to the nearest mall and get this over with." I said sighing. "But first, I seriously need a change of clothes, a shower, AND a straightener."

"I'll go grab you some clothes, we're going to be stopping by a hotel tonight so you can take a shower then, and you'll just have to wear a beanie or something." Oli said as he walked back upstairs to the bunks. The rest of the guys went up the stairs also to get ready leaving me by myself.

"Here." Oli said, chucking clothes at me as he came down the stairs. I thanked him and went to change. When I got changed I walked out to see Oli standing there, playing a game on his phone. "Where's everyone else?" I asked and Oli looked up putting his phone away. "They're still getting dressed." He chuckled.

"It only took me like....2 minutes and it's taking them an eternity...." I mumbled. "By the way, your clothes are comfy." I told him, wrapping my arms around my body. "You look good in my clothes, by the way." He winked as everyone came running down the stairs. "THERE'S MEH FAGGOTS!!!!!" I shouted as they came over to Oli and I. "Your faggots?" Fishy asked confused. "Yes, my faggots." I said smiling. Everyone rolled their eyes and we walked out of the bus trying to locate the rental car that their tour manager had arranged. Apparently it was a seven seater, which is pretty much exactly perfect for us.

"Aha! Found ittttt!!!" Vegan shouted in a sing-song voice. "GOOD JOB MRS. QUEEN!!!!!" I yelled, walking over to the car. "Mrs. Queen?" He asked as he unlocked the car door. "Yus Mrs. Queen." I giggled, climbing into the very back. "You're sitting in the middle." Matt said. "EXCUSE YOU?!?!?!" I yelled, sitting by the window. "You're sitting between Matt and I." Oli said, picking me up and putting me in the middle as Matt sat down. "But..." I said, beginning to pout. They both turned their heads and I mumbled a few curse words.

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