Chapter 10: Time Stood Still The Way It Did Before

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-Alesana's POV-

"JORDAN JORDAN JORDAN!!!!!!!" I shouted, hopping onto his back. "What?!?!?!" He asked as he almost dropped me. "First off....please don't drop me....second off.....LOVE ME SENPAI!!!!!" I shouted into his ear. "Holy fuck Alesana, chill out....please...I need my ears....and...what the hell is 'sinpie'?" He asked. "NO JORDAN YOU SAID IT WRONNGGGGGGG! Sen-pai! Sen-pai! SENPAI SENPAI SENPAIIIII!!!" I told him.

"OLI GET YOUR PSYCHO GIRLFRIEND OFF OF MEEEEE!!!!" Jordan yelled as Oliver walked into the kitchen. "Syko." I said cutely. "I said psycho...." Jordan said, a bit unsure. "Syyyyyyko." I said slowly. "Uhhhh...."

"Alright Ala, play time with the Fish is over, come on, love." Oli laughed. Jordan shot Oli a death glare as he got me off Jordan's back. "Love you Fishy!" I said and kissed his cheek when Oliver had me in his arms. "You are one weird person..." Jordan mumbled. I laughed as Oliver walked out of the apartment. "Woah woah woah my nigguh, where the hell we going?" I asked. "An adventure, the first part you won't like and it's really long, but the second third and forth part you'll love. Oh! And you will definitely hate the last part the most."

"Oliver Scott Sykesssss!!! Tell me where we are goingggg!!!"

"I can't it's a surprise, but right now we gotta drive!" He said excitedly. I groaned and we got into the car driving to god knows where. Have I mentioned how much I hate their roads? And their cars? It's all so different from what I'm used to coming from me, someone who's lived in the US most of her life. Yayyy! Sacarsmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

After a an hour of driving we arrived at what I think is an airport. "WHY THE HELL ARE WE AT THE AIRPORT?!?!?!?!" I shrieked worriedly. "It's okay, I'm not taking you home, we're just going somewhere else in America...aka an adventure. Just please trust me, love." Oli said, taking my hand in one of his and then taking my face with the other. I looked into his eyes and instantly got lost in them.

"Ala...please.." Oliver whispered after some time, snapping me out of my thoughts. I sighed a shaky sigh, "Alright...." Oliver smiled softly, "Everything will be fine, you have me!"

"Wait...I don't have clothes..." I mumbled. "I got dat shit last night while you were sleeping! I got you covered." He said then kissed me. I smiled, "My medication?" I asked and he nodded. Did I ever mention that I have ADD (attention deficit disorder)? Well uh..yeah...we recently found this out when I was trying to get things done and trying to focus on what the guys were saying but nope little ole me couldn't focus. No wonder why I never did good in school.. Hm.

"Now let's gooo!" Oli hopped out of the car and we grabbed our bags walking through the airport.

We went through the line to receive our tickets, showed our passports to security, went through the security scanner a couple of times and then finally we made it to our terminal. My sweet Lordy jesus..

"That...was....the....worst...." I mumbled as I sat next to Oliver.

"I know, I'm sorry love." He whispered and kissed my cheek. I leaned my head on his shoulder, " what it is..."

"At least there's one last part of this whole situation for a few days." Oliver was obviously trying to settle my nerves, I honestly appreciate it. "At the moment....I seriously hate you for making me do this...but you know..." I whispered softly. "You love me." He wrapped his arm around my waist and we sat in silence for a bit.

"Boarding group A." The attendee called. "Fuck." I muttered, standing up with Oliver. "You're gonna be okay, I'll be right beside you." He grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze of reassurance.

We boarded the plane and instantly I started to shake. Tears formed into my eyes and I brought my knees to my chest as Oliver sat down next to me. "'s okay..come here." Oliver pulled me onto his lap the best he could and I just sat in his arms as quiet sobs shook my entire body. "Love, look at me. It's gonna be okay." Oliver took his hand and lifted my chin up and planted his lips softly on mine. That's when time stopped and all of my worries washed away.

"You're going to be fine, Ala. I love you." Oliver said then kissed my forehead. "I love you too.." I whispered then kissed him. He smiled and wiped my tears. "Ma'am you have to get back in your seat." A flight attendee said. I looked at him and I softly nodded. "Yes sir." I said and sat back in my seat.

"You're okay right?" Oli asked as he grabbed my hand. I looked at him and leaned my head on his shoulder, "I'm doing better."

"Good." He squeezed my hand and I began to fall asleep.

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