Chapter 15: Distract Me From My Madness

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-Alesana's POV-

I put Jax down and pulled out my phone dialing Emma's number.

"Hey Em." I said once she answered. "Hey, Alesana! What are you up too?" She asked.

"I was wondering if you, Hannah, and my mum could all have a girls day...I'm really needing a distraction at the moment..." I questioned. "Oh my gosh, yes! We can. Where at, I'll call Hannah and tell her where to meet us and when. Oh yeah, what time?" She said all to excitedly. I giggled at her, "In about an hour, I just got done walking Jax out in the woods behind Oliver's and we got a little dirty so I need a shower. Oh and the local hair place. I'm probably going to dye my hair today. I'll call my mum."

"Sweet, I'll call Hannah you call your mum." She said. I laughed and we said our goodbyes. I picked up Jax carrying him to the bathroom and sat him down in the tub turning on the water to bathe first. Surprisingly he didn't move and whine at all.

I finished giving Jax a bath, dried him off and called my mum.

"Mum! I have a question!" I said once she answered the phone. "Yes, Alesana?"

"Do you want to hang out with Emma, Hannah, and I today?" I asked. "Oliver's old Hannah?" She asked and I sighed heavily. "No mum, Vegan's Hannah." I mumbled. "Oh, sorry Alesana. But sure, why not! Where are we meeting and what time?" My mum questioned. "Uhhhh....I guess we can meet at the local hair place. I was gonna dye my hair today and in about 30 minutes or so." I told her. "Alright, see you then."

I told her goodbye then quickly cleaned out the tub and hopped into the shower. I showered and cleaned off myself in about 5 minutes with about 20 minutes to get ready. Okay. You're just going to be dying your hair today so no point in fixing it fixing it, just do your makeup.

But you look so much better without makeup.

I heard Oliver's pleading voice scream at the back of my head. Never have I ever looked better without it.

Don't wear any today, please?

I heard his voice plead again. I sighed and just put on a bit of eyeliner and mascara. Geez. I brushed my hair out then scrunched it while it's still damp. If my hair loves me, it'll stay this way until I get it fixed. I grabbed a pin from the basket on my sink and pinned my hair back. I really need a haircut and new color. My hair is fading...badly....

I checked the time on my phone and I had about five minutes before I had to leave so I turned the bathroom light off, fed Jax, grabbed my keys, walking out the door locking it as I left.

"EMMA! HANNAH! MUM!" I shouted at them as I was about to enter the hair salon. They greeted me in a hug and we all walked in together. "I love your nose ring." Emma said, poking the hoop that's in my nose. "Thank ya. I love it too." I chuckled.

"Hi, welcome to Candy's Salon, anything specific needed?" A petite, bleach blonde, big breasted(obviously fake), tan, woman asked. I looked at her and nodded. "I'd like to dye and cut my hair...if that's okay?" She looked me up and down then nodded, utterly disgusted. I looked at my mum and the girls and they gave me a small smile of reassurance. I sighed and turned back towards the woman. "Follow me." She said.

I followed her and she led me to a chair where a girl with purple, blue, and teal short hair was at. "Oh, hi! What can I do for you?" She asked. Her voice was really high pitched and kind of annoying. Have you ever seen Black Butler, the anime? Have you ever heard Lady Elizabeth talk? Oh good God. That's what the hair stylist sounds like.

"If you don't mind, could you dye my hair dark brown and then take off about 2 inches of my hair and fix my fringe and, swoop?" I asked. She nodded. "Dye or cut first?"

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