Chapter 16: Hospital For Souls

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-Alesana's POV-

Darkness. Darkness surrounded me. I looked around and saw nothing. Where am I? I thought to myself. "Alesana." I heard a very familiar voice say. I looked around to find the owner of the voice but still, I only saw darkness. "Ala.." The voice said again. I looked around and a small light came from the darkness. Next came out the apparition of a familiar figure.

"Oliver?" I asked. He smiled and walked over to me, engulfing me into a hug. "Ala...I need you to wake up. You're gonna be okay, just wake up for me, alright? I love you but please...wake up..." He whispered into my hair. A tear came to my eye as I hugged him back. "I love you too..." I whispered. Oliver pulled away and smiled, kissing my nose. "I'll see you soon." Oliver said, then he started to slowly fade away.

Once he faded fully, I crumbled to my knees and was suddenly hit with a burst of light.

I opened my eyes and I had wires connected all over me.

"Oliver...." I breathed as I began to panic.

-Oliver's POV-

I woke up with a start and everyone on the bus was surrounding me. "Oli, are you okay mate?" Jordan asked. I looked at my surroundings and saw that I was on the floor in the living area. "Yeah...why?" I asked. "Your heart stopped and you started talking about Alesana and to someone while your heart stopped." Matt said quietly. I looked at him and sat up. "Really? I was just dreaming about Ala...and something happened to her and I spoke to her..telling her to wake up..." I mumbled.

"What do you me-" Matt paused when his phone began ringing. "Hello?" He said when he answered the phone. Matt's eyes widened and he dropped his phone. I looked at him confused and Jordan crawled over to his phone to pick it up and talk to the person.

"Emma?" He asked. "Is something wrong....?" I guess Emma began to talk to him as his eyes grew as wide as Matt's. Speaking of Matt. I looked over at him and he was on the ground huddled up in a ball crying silently. I looked at Lee and Vegan and they had the same looks of confusion that I'm sure I had.

"Jordan...? What's going on...?" I asked. "We need a new drummer for a few days. Matt, you're going back to England for a bit." Jordan told Matt who was still crying. Matt looked up at Jordan and slowly nodded his head, standing up and slowly walking to his bunk. I looked at Jordan, confused and he shook his head. "I'll tell you guys later....I gotta go talk to the tour manager."

I sat there in the silence of the room. Why the fuck is Matt crying? What the fuck is going on? Why is Jordan acting weird....? I have so many questions....but my main is...

Is Alesana okay....?

-Alesana's POV-

I began to panic, looking at all of my surroundings. There was a large window to my left and chairs on either side. The whole room was white, no color at all. I looked down at my arms and wires were connected and a needle was in my hand. No no no. I'm in a hospital. No no no.

I began to freak out. I pulled my knees up to my chest as best as I could and began to cry.

What happened to me?

I cried harder and harder and then I heard a knock on the door. My head shot up and I saw a man in a white coat followed by two women who were in a nurses outfit. One of them had a tray of food while the other had a pill bottle.

"Why...why am I here..?"

"You passed out at the theater unexpectedly and your friends brought you here. They didn't know what was wrong, but we figured it out. Your body had a lack of nutrients, you also have bad anxiety, am I correct?" The doctor asked. I slowly nodded my head. "Alright, I'm going to ask one more question. Have you been eating?" Once the words came out of his mouth I immediately regretted everything. I broke my promise....

I sharply inhaled and slowly shook my head. "No, sir..." I'm so disappointed in myself... "The answer I expected. Am I allowed to send a therapist here to talk with you?" He asked. My eyes widened. "I we wait a couple of weeks?" I asked. He nodded. "Thank you sir.." I said quietly.

"Your welcome, now, you have 2 visitors waiting to see you. A female and a male. Would you like me to send them in?" He asked. "Sure.." I said quietly. I knew exactly who it was.

The doctor smiled at me and he walked out of the room.

Waiting a few minutes, I heard a door open causing me to open my eyes and look at the people who entered the room.

"Hi.." I said quietly. "Alesana!" Matt breathed as he walked over to me, engulfing me into a hug.

-Matt's POV-

I was talking to my mum when the doctor came over to us smiling. "She's awake now." He said. My mum nodded and we both stood.

We walked back to my sister's room and I opened the door for my mother, allowing her to go in first. "Hi.." My sister said quietly as we walked in. I examined Alesana and she had an IV in her hand and a couple of other needles in her body. My baby sister looked so...thin and sickly. It made me want to cry.

"Alesana!" I breathed as I made my way over to her, engulfing her into a hug. "What did you do?!" I asked her when I pulled away. "I forgot to passed out after I went back to the girls and I was still trying to keep my breathing calm but..ya know..." She said quietly. I gave her a sympathetic look. "You're going to remember to eat now, aren't you?" I asked sternly, knowing damn well she didn't forget to eat. She just didn't want to.

"I promise Matt...please don't tell Oliver..." Alesana pleaded. "I won't. You just have to make sure you eat. We don't want you in here again for not eating..." I replied, kissing her forehead. "Alesana..." Our mum said finally. "Yeah?" She asked, turning her attention to mum. "I just got you back in my life...please don't leave again....especially not for good..." She whispered pleadingly. "I...I won't mum..." Alesana said, tears forming into her eyes. "Your dad will be here soon...he had to go grab some food after work..." Mum said, wiping a stray tear.


-Oliver's POV-

"SHE WHAT?!?!?!" I shouted. My heart feels like it was just ripped out of my chest. "She passed out and she's in the hospital Oliver. Matt just texted me and told me it was from lack of food and an anxiety attack. BUT I wasn't supposed to tell you so you keep your mouth shut." Jordan said sternly. "I'm going to lay down..." I said, sad and hurt.

I walked to my bunk and threw myself inside.


I asked myself over and over why she would do this. Alesana and I both made a promise to each other. She would start eating, and I would stop drinking. Alesana broke the promise. I haven't touched a drink since tour started. Wouldn't it be fair if only I broke that promise too?

-Alesana's POV-

"Matt..." I whispered, failing to try and sleep. Matt was staying with me in the hospital tonight and somehow the fatass managed to slide in next to me on my hospital bed. "Yeah?" He asked groggily. "Did you tell Oliver?" I asked. "No, I told Jordan but I told him to only tell Vegan and Lee the actual reason and to tell Oliver that you were just having bad anxiety issues...he swore he wouldn't tell Oliver the real reason and I hope he doesn't. I hope none of them tell Oliver the real reason." Matt explained.

"Oh.." I replied, snuggling the best I could into his side. Matt noticed my struggle and put his arm around my shoulder, bringing me closer.

**************Sorry for all the POV switches. Um. Just gonna say that the story is coming to an end soon. So...there MIGHT(will) be a sequel....! So..yeah! Happy reading!


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