Chapter 13: Goodbye My Friends You're In My Heart. But Keep In Touch yo

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-Alesana's POV-

I woke beside Oliver. Today is the last day that they're all here before tour and we were all going to do something today. Oohh funn.

"Oliver..." I whispered, shaking him lightly causing him to groan. I checked the time on my phone. "Oliver...come on, it's 9:30 and we gotta meet my brother and your band mates in an hour. We both need showers, we both need to change. And I gotta fix the mess called my hair and face." I said, shaking him more. "Ughhh fine...." He grumbled, sitting up, then grabbing me and laying back down. "Oliver." I said sternly. "Shhhhh 5 more minutes, it won't take us an hour to get ready." Oliver whispered.

"Oliver Scott Sykes." I said. Oliver opened one eye, "Yes?" He asked sweetly. "Get up...please..." I said. He opened both eyes then sat up, bringing me with him again. "Alright. C'mon. Shower time." He said. "Woah woah woah...who said I'm taking a shower with you?" I asked. "I By the way, you feel lighter Ala...are you still eating?" Oliver asked. I shrunk a bit into his chest and Oliver stopped. "Ala...." Oliver whispered softly.

"I forget to eat sometimes....I'm sorry...." I whispered. Oliver sighed and brought me closer. "I'm going to make sure you eat today...alright? And I'll message you every morning and night to make sure that you eat. Ala, I love you a lot and I don't want anything bad to happen to you." He whispered. I nodded slightly. "Now...about that shower...." I said. Oliver chuckled and we walked to the bathroom and took a shower together. No we did not do the nasty...that's just scurry.

After we took a shower we brushed our teeth and I began to fix my hair. "Do NOT do anything to your face today. You look amazing without all of your make up, love." Oliver said, wrapping his arms around my waist when I turned the straightener off. I turned around to face him. "I need it..." I said lightly. "No you do not." Oliver responded, kissing my nose. "Yes..." I whispered. " me?" He asked cutely. "You know how hard it is to say no to that voice..." I mumbled. "Exactly why I used it." He smiled, kissing my forehead. "Now c'mon. We should really get dressed." He laughed. I looked down at myself and saw my body only covered in a towel. I then looked at Oliver and saw that his waist down was covered in a towel. "I guess we could." I shrugged, walking out of the bathroom. I walked to my bag and grabbed a Pierce The Veil shirt and purple skinny jeans...and other things, then I walked to Oliver's closet and grabbed one of his hoodies.

When I had finished changing, Oliver came into his room fully clothed also. "It's 10 by the way..we should get going." He said, grabbing my hand. I nodded, grabbing my phone and sketch book. "Do you think I could get my nose pierced today?" I asked. "If you want." Oliver responded. I leaned my head on his arm as we walked out to the car. "Okay."

I pulled my sketchbook out as Oli began to drive and began to draw a rose. Then I added rips and tears in the petals with blood dripping off the thorns. "What are you drawing, love?" Oliver asked. "A rose...It's meh though." I said, showing him. He glanced at it then back at the road, then back at it again. "It's not meh. You're really talented, you drew that in under ten minutes." He said, astonished. "Doesn't mean anything." I whispered.

"Bull shit." He said as we pulled into the place where we were meeting Matt, Jordan, Vegan, and Lee.

"QUEEEEEENNNN! MATTTTTT! FISHHHHH! LEEEEEE!" I shouted, running to them, engulfing them into a hug. "Sis!" They shouted in return, hugging me also. "We should go get my nose pierced today...." I told Matt.

"If you want." He said. "YAYYY!!!!" I shouted. "After we eat though." He said, looking me in the eye. I shrunk then backed away to Oliver.

"It's okay." Oliver whispered into my ear. I slowly nodded and Matt looked at Oliver as if to say 'what's going on?' and I felt Oliver shake his head. Matt sighed and we all walked into the restaurant.

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