Chapter 3: I've Got A Secret, and So Do I

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-Alesana's POV-

"Alesana, wake up. We're going to get food." An unfamiliar voice said. I opened my eyes to see I was in a small space. Holy shit. Oh yeahhh.

"Alright, move out of my way so I can get down." I began scooting until I landed in someone's arms. "I was going to tell you that you were on the top bunk before you started scooting your butt." The voice chuckled. I looked up to see Oliver's face cracked into a small smile as he chuckled.

"Oh...well...thanks for catching me." I said smiling, hopping from his arms. "Am I able to change?" I asked, but then instantly remembered. "Wait...never mind....I don't have clothes..." I mumbled. "You're probably around my size, hang on." He went to what I'm assuming is his bunk and pulled out a Drop Dead shirt and black skinny jeans...ummm... "Uh...thanks?" I said awkwardly. He sent me a soft smile and guided me to where I could change.

Once I changed, I realized that Oliver was right, but then I realized how weird I feel. But, my problem is that I just feel....really fat....I'm surprised that they really do fit. I walked down the stairs that's in their two story bus and saw Matt, Vegan, and Oliver waiting for me. "The others are already inside." Matt said softly. I nodded and we walked out of the bus.

We sat down at the table that everyone was at and everyone ordered, but then there's me. I can barely stand the taste of food.

"Are you going to eat, love?" Vegan asked. I shook my head, "No thanks, I'm not hungry." I replied. I really wasn't, I haven't been really hungry in a while. "Oh c'mon, you must be hungry, sis." Matt said. I tensed when he called me sis but mentally shrugged it off, "I'm just not hungry." I said, giving them all a smile a reassurance. Oliver looked at me curiously then shrugged as the waiter brought their food.

The smell of food made me want to absolutely barf. "You sure you don't want to eat?" Matt asked, looking a bit unsure. "Yeah...I'm sure.." I replied, trying to hide the disgust that was dripping from my voice. Matt gave me a weird look but they all went back to their food.

Sometime while they were eating, Oliver's phone began to ring causing him to pull it from his pocket, groan in frustration, and hit ignore. "Who was that mate?" Lee asked. "Hannah.." He mumbled and went back to eating his breakfast.


We were back on the bus and I was watching some show in the second lounge on the second portion of the bus. I was alone, and it felt nice to be able to think and just watch tv...I've never really watched

"Alesana, are you up here?" I heard someone ask. I turned my head a bit and saw Oli. "Yeah..." I replied. Oli nodded and came over and sat beside me. "What are you watching?" He asked as he focused on the weird show that was playing. "I have no clue, I just turned to a random channel that seemed interesting." I replied. "That channel is?"

"I think it was something like Cartoon Network?" I said unsure. Oli picked up the remote and checked then nodded, "Yeah, Cartoon Network, have you never watched Cartoon Network?" He asked, looking back towards me. I looked away and shook my head slightly embarrassed for some reason, "No....I've never even really watched tv, nor have I had a phone.....I only went to the library when I wanted to check on some music and what not..." I mumbled. "Holy shit, why not?" He asked. I cringed, not wanting to talk about what had happened for 18 years of my life. "Just...issues?" I said a bit unsure. Oli sighed and nodded. "I understand."

We sat in silence for a bit, and Oli had eventually drifted between my legs(not like that you filthy animals), his head resting on my stomach while we were watching tv. "Am I comfortable or something, because you haven't moved in the past hour?" I asked. Oli turned his head and looked at me. "Yeah. But, why do your hip bones stick out so far?" Oli asked, poking my hip bones. I took a deep breath, "I guess that's just how they are?" I said a bit unsure, my voice going 5 octaves higher. Oliver sat up.

"Look at my hip bones, I'm as small as you are." He said, lifting his shirt. My eyes traced the tattoos on his chest then eventually fell to his hip bones. I saw that they weren't even very visible. I looked back up at his face, and he was just staring at me. "Lift your shirt up." He said, putting his shirt back down and adjusting it. My eyes widened and I shook my head. "Just up to your bra, love." Oli said. I hesitated, but lifted my shirt up to where Oli had said and his eyes widened.

Oli moved forward and began to feel around my stomach, hip bones, and ribs. "I can feel every little rib bone..." He whispered. I took in a deep breath as tears filled my eyes. "You can put your shirt down now." He mumbled, removing his hands. I put my shirt down then instantly pulled my knees to my chest, and put my face in my knees. I began crying silently as Oliver pulled me into a hug. "Shh, it's okay..." He cooed. "It's not okay, Oliver..." I mumbled, trying hard to contain my breathing.

"It is, don't worry about it, love. I can help you with this.." He said, pulling my face up from my fetal position. "Breathe." Oli said softly. I began to take deep breaths, trying to regulate my breathing. "Would you like some help to get through this?" Oli asked. "Matt just got you back into his life...and he wouldn't want to lose you again..." He mumbled. I looked into his eyes and something else said that he wanted me to stay, something else held sadness and anger. "I...I'll let you help....but...I have a question..." I said.

"Ask away." He mumbled. I pulled apart from Oli, "I..I was wondering what's going on between you and...Hannah...?" I asked, a bit unsure. Oli sighed and looked at the floor, "We've just been having issues....she....she hurt me and, we've just been fighting non-stop.." He replied. (Okay, before any of you might attack me, i have nothing against Hannah, her and Oli are perfect together<33) "What have you guys been fighting about?" I asked.

"She...she cheated on me, and now she keeps apologizing, wanting me to come back to her and just, I keep saying no because I don't want it to happen again, and now we're just fighting and I don't know what to do."

"Talk to her like a normal person and work it out, tell her how you feel and just...end it..." I mumbled. "It's not easy when you love someone." Oli said, hurt trying to be disguised in his voice.

"I'm you not wanna talk about it right now?" I asked and he nodded. "You wanna do something?" He asked and I shrugged. "Like what?" I asked. "I dunno, wanna just watch more t.v.?"

"Sure." Oli smiled and laid back down to where he was earlier, resting his arms on my thighs and hands on his stomach.

"Awwee, they're sleeping with each other!" I heard a faint voice say as I began to wake up. I saw a flash behind closed eyes then groaned. "You bitches." I mumbled while rubbing my eyes, then looked at the 4 who were taking pictures of Oli and I. "We just wanted to sleep." I hear a very tired Oliver say. I looked down and he was turned on his side, cuddling my leg. "And you wanted to cuddle my sister's leg I see." Matt laughed, causing me to laugh with him. I haven't laughed in...a while...

"Fuck off, mate." Oli grumbled, sitting up and stretching. "I'm gonna go to my bunk." I said, yawning. Everyone nodded and went to their bunks.

I soon began to fall asleep once my head hit the pillow, but before I fell asleep I felt the other half of my bunk sink in and arms wrap around my waist pulling me closer to them.

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