Chapter 9: So Come A Little Closer, Tell Me Those 3 Little Words Pt 2

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-Alesana's POV-

"Hey Ala, I have something to say.." Oli said randomly some time during the movie. "Yeah?" I asked, looking at him. "I...uh...urg...I dunno how to say this without sounding weird." He mumbled.

"Say it Sykes." I joked. Oliver sighed and situated himself and I to where we were facing each other. "I think I love you Alesana." Oliver said. What? Did he just.... My head started to spin and my stomach started doing flips. Why am I freaking out so much...?

You love Oliver.

"I....I think I love you too..Oliver." I stuttered. Oli smiled softly and wrapped his arms around me. "It's okay, you don't have to worry...nothing is going to happen to you." He whispered into my ear. I was shaking a little bit...but not a lot...

Oliver kissed my forehead, "Everything is going to be fine." I calmed down and hugged Oliver. "I seriously do believe I love you." I whispered to him.

"I HEARD IT ALLLLLL!!!!!!" Matt shouted when he opened the door and had 3 other guys pouring into my room. I looked at him horrified and shrunk/hid into Oli. "What...the...fuck..." Oliver mumbled. "YOU GUYS OWE ME 20 POUNDS!!!" Matt yelled. "Why in the hell does he owe you 20 pounds?" I asked. "Oh, we placed a bet on how long it would take for Oli to confess and for you to confess. Remember the night we met mum and dad, aka last week and how I mentioned that you guys love each other? Yeah? Well I told them that it'd take a week before you guys confessed or whatever and they said it'd take longer like a month so yeah. Now we're here." Matt explained.

" question is why the fuck were you guys listening from outside the door....and another the hell did you know we were in here....?" Oliver asked. " was Matt's idea!!!" Fishy yelled. I facepalmed, "And we knew you two were in here because we saw Oli's shoes downstairs ANDDDDD we heard you guys talking up here a few minutes before you guys said that you love each other and boom." Lee explained. "But my shoes are always here...." Oliver mumbled. "Psshhh whatever..." Mrs. Queen mumbled. "God dammit guys..." I mumbled untangling myself from Oli and getting up from the bed.

"Yeah?" Vegan asked. "Just...go awayyyyyyy!" I said, trying to shove everyone out. "Noooooo!!!!" Matt said as he picked me up walking over to my bed. He sat me down beside Oliver and climbed in also. Then came Fishy, then Queen/Vegan, then Lee. "Ummm...I'm squished...and I'm pretty sure Oliver is about to fall off the bed if I let go of him..." I mumbled. "Does that make you think we're gonna get up and out?" Jordan asked, who was laying across us all. "Possibly." Oliver mumbled.

"Nahh." Vegan laughed. "Alright, first one off doesn't get hit in the dick." I said randomly. All of themthe hopped off of Oliver and I very quickly. I scooted over and let go of Oliver then got off the bed hitting the four boys in the genitals one by one. They all fell to the ground, "I thought you said first one off wouldn't get hit...I think I got off first..." Jordan groaned. " was hard to distinguish who got off not just hit you all?" I asked innocently.

"" Matt grumbled. "Yeah..uh...can you guys get off my floor now and out of my room?" I asked. They all slowly got up and exited my room. "Geez...turtles.." I said and shut my door.

"Your band mates are weird.." I told Oliver and I climbed back into my bed. "One of them is your brother while the rest are your friends.." Oli responded. "Yeah yeah." I said as I laid my head on his chest.

"Just get some sleep, love." Oli chuckled and I yawned. "Okkkk..." I said tiredly.

"I love you Ala." Oli whispered. "I love you too, Oli." I mumbled.

-Next Day-

I was awoken by Matt who had pounced on Oliver and I. "Holy shit Matt...can't breathe.." I mumbled.

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