50. Jungkook (Request)

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+no idea wtf is this. wrote this in a hurry lol.

For @Caramel_Fox


[Jungkook as your boyfriend]

(y/n): so I let kookie do my makeup

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(y/n): so I let kookie do my makeup. here's the result.

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mr.jjk_906: huhu my online class paid off

chaelincl: Oml he's actually so good at this. Imma getting him as my makeup artist on my next comeback.

nunjoonie: I'm shocked. That's the work of our maknae? Lol

artjin: IKR!! @nunjoonie hahahaha

yourdaddyjimin_: sometimes, I see her more than a cousin sister huhu

mr.jjk_906: @yourdaddyjimin bro stay on your lane tsk. 

artjin: i just remembered jimin's COUSINS LOVE on wattpad lololol @mr.jjk_906 

yu_gyeom: erm she's hot

mr.jjk_906: @yu_gyeom srsly you too?

mark_tuan: babe @yu_gyeom are you cheating on me?!

mark_tuan: Buuuutttt for real, she's hot;)

guucigang.taetae: stylist noona be jealous rn haha 

suranelenashin: I'm questioning my sexuality looking at (y/n)

yoooooongi01: I'm questioning kook's makeup skills @suranelenashin

jjit456_: waow dm me babe;)))))))

xiyinggg0: woof hottie hottie

mr.jjk_906: gOSH don't you guys get she has a frickin' boyfriend

mr.jjk_906: a hot one***

mr.jjk_906: go find you own gals

(y/n): chill babe you're mine, and I'm yours @mr.jjk_906

mr.jjk_906: I just love you so much bby. I don't wanna lose you:(

(y/n): I know~~~~ ^^^^

hoseok.dropped.the.mic: ehhh you guys are cringey~~



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