57. Hoseok

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Morning with Jung Hoseok

Untangling myself from Hoseok's tight grasp, I made my way towards the bathroom and did my morning routine. I was brushing my teeth as I look at the mirror in front of me and I laughed when I saw Hoseok shuffling around the bed where I was. 

After I was done, I came back inside the bedroom and sat on the bed next to Hoseok. 
"Get up, Hobie. You'll be late for work"

After not waking up even after a dozen call, I started pulling his arm. He groaned as he popped out his head from the sheets and looked up to me with his eyes half closed.

"You'll be late if you don't wake up now" I reminded him as I ran my hand through his hair, making him smile. 

"10 more minutes... please...?" He requests in a low voice as he closes back his eyes, the smile never leaving his face. 

"Okay, just ten more." I nodded, -like how can I say no to this cutie. I was going to get up but I was pulled onto the bed. 

 "Hobiee" I whine as I tried getting off his grasp and off the bed.

"You're not getting up yet, baby" He laughs as he wraps his strong arms around me. 

 "I've to cook breakfast, Jung Hoseok!" 

"I sleep better when I'm with you, (Y/N)" He mumbles, followed by a peck.


a very short, bad imagine, everyoneeee(っ´▽')っ

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a very short, bad imagine, everyoneeee(っ´▽')っ

i'm so very sori for not updating for like 2 months(╥﹏╥)
it's just that i don't get time these days to write any new chapters(。ŏ_ŏ)cuz school
yk( ̄. ̄)

my exam is also really near so..(╯_╰)
I'll try to be more active after the exam is over(๑و•̀ω•́)و

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