56. Taehyung

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[Taehyung as your boyfriend]
(let's just imagine the girl's you😅)

[Taehyung as your boyfriend](let's just imagine the girl's you😅)

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kim_tae_hyung: you're all my heart ever talks about💖

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mister.jeon017: tae hyung be getting romantic and shit lmao😂

kim_tae_hyung: i was a hopeless romantic from b4 lol @mister.jeon017

daddyparkchim: yea with me.

daddyparkchim: sigh i miss those old #vmin days

kim_tae_hyung: ewww 😂😂

nct.10.127: You guys are goals. GOALS😭💓

(you): I love you bub😘

kim_tae_hyung: i love you most, baby😘😘

chang.binnnn: Hyung, better treat noona well

felixx: bruh don't interfere in other's relationship @chang.binnnn

  changlix4ever: awwhhh u both😭😭😭💓💓💓  

irene_over_icecream: who dat, who dat, who dat, boy 

  kim_tae_hyung: my very beautiful girlfriend^^ , @irene_over_icecream 

ikonic_jinhwan_: love❤❤

ikonic_yunhyeong: ...scenario hehe 

adj975j: um she's ugly

kim_tae_hyung: um she's not your mirror 

deantrbl: kyute



i want to go go to south korea n eat black bean noodles🍜


 btw i made a new fan acc on instagram. 
 follow me if you want to; username: 69kgs ^^

    im just an ugly, desperate potato seeking
 for attention for my new acc lmao✐

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