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[Yoongi as your boyfriend]

(y/n): When your boyfriend has two girlfriends #neckpillow

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(y/n): When your boyfriend has two girlfriends #neckpillow

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kookgle: Noona, just leave him and come to me... he's a cheater

awakesuga: fu gth @kookgle

taenaenae: HEY @awakesuga don't be rude to him

kookgle: I love you hyung @taenaenae :')

jiminbighands: Hey you two, what about me

namjoonie_: @jimingotbighands tsk change your username already

jiminbighands: only after u ask @jinlovesrap out

namjoonie_ : HEYY!! SHUT UP

jinlovesrap: @namjoonie_ PM!

awakesuga: I have only one girlfriend @(y/n)

(y/n): And that person isss??!!😍😍

awakesuga: The neck pillow❤

(y/n): Ugh I hate u😒😒

awakesuga: nah you don't... ik u love mee😏

(y/n): I don't anymore

awakesuga: just kidding babeee... you're my one and only and I love you so much😍😘

(y/n): Do you mean it?😑

awakesuga: from the bottom of my butt *cuz my butt is bigger than my heart

(y/n): Omg hahaha... okayy I love you too then😂❤️

Somi101: relationship goalsss @awakesuga @(y/n) 😍😭


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