51. Vhopega

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vhopega(v, jhope, suga) lol. i'm so bad at making ship names i'm sorry:')

(Scene idea from Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou)  


Yoongi's P.O.V

Hobie, Tae and I were sitting on the floor of my room, reading some manga, when Tae suddenly stood up and walked towards the window and leaned on it.

"I was eating ramen at a convenience store the other day..." He said in a deep voice, making us both look up at him.

"I don't know who she is, but she was really hot..." He continued.
"She was at a table next to me, and was having ramen too."

"She got up after a while, but for some reason, on that clearly neat cup of ramen- there were three chopsticks." He finished, making both Hobie and I jump with fright.

"Bro, don't tell scary shits like that." I said, clinging onto to Hobie.

"Please, Tae. I get scared really easily..." Hobie said, eyes getting teared up.

"Ehh... was it really that scary?" Tae ask casually as he sit back on the floor.

Minutes passed, and it was Hobie's turn to stand.

"Something scary happened to me too..." Hobie said, as he walked up to the same window where Tae leaned on.

"Bro, no, we aren't starting telling scary stories here..." Tae said.

"Shush baby, let big brother speak..." Hobie said, putting his index finger to Tae's lips.

"As you both know, I've got hair growing on my nipples which I'm definitely not fond of..." He said seriously, making both Tae and I nod.

"I tried pulling it off with tweezers, but it was really painful and it also take too much of time... however, to my luck, I saw my dad's razor lying around in the bathroom...." He continued.

"I picked it up and thought- why not use this? It'll be less painful and won't take much time-" Tae and I were both curious af at this point.

"I put on some of my dad's shaving cream on one of nipple and got ready with the razor- man, I don't even know how to say this... this is the result." He said as he took off his shirt and showed the left side of his chest which was covered with countless band aids.

"Ow, ow, ow, owwwww" Taehyung ran around the room, shouting like a lunatic.

"Bro, that's some painful shit." I screamed and hit my bed repeatedly.

"I wonder if nipples grow back..." He sighed as he sit back on the floor.

"Just go and see some doctor oh my gawd-" I yelled in disbelief.

Minutes passed, and I thought it was my turn to stand up, which I did. I walked towards the same window, and they looked up at me.

"Once I was out with Jimin. We were having some banana juice. Later, we drank strawberry juice, then apple, then coconut and so on. However, when we were having pineapple juice, he- he vomited." I said dramatically, making the two boys make faces of disgust.

"I tried to comfort him by rubbing his back as he continued to vomit. But something else caught my attention that time- there was a freaking worm in his white-colored vomit." I finished my story with a loud scream at the end.

Hobie and Tae shared an eye contact before letting out some awkward coughs.

"Erm, Y-yoongi hyung, I have to go now. Bye bye..."Tae stuttered as he got up from the floor.

"I, um, I'll drop him off" Hobie stuttered as well.

Once they left my room, I was about to lay on my bed when I heard two loud different voices shouting.




I quickly ran downstairs, only to see the door open. I wore my slippers and was about to run after them, but they were already at the end of the road.

I guess I'm too late to say that I made the story up. I'm sorry, Jimin. I love you.

i'm sorry for not updating for so long

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i'm sorry for not updating for so long. i'm literally out of ideas:')

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