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[Namjoon as your boyfriend]

@(y/n): About today :))) #patagonia

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@(y/n): About today :))) #patagonia

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namjooniee_: I had a great time, love ;)

(y/n): I did too :) @namjooniee_

awakesooga: I remember giving him that hat on his birthday :)

hobiebaby: NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR GIFT @awakesooga

awakesooga: @hobiebaby I do

zzonguk: I do too

hobiebaby: KOOK WTF

zzonguk: He said he'll buy me lamb skewers if I comment like that hehe

awakesooga: This kid

vernonvenom: Nice pictureee

chanyeolyeol: Them matching shirts tho waw :')))

jinlovespink: no picture courtesy? 

(y/n): Oh xD Thanks for the picture, Jin.. 


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