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[Jimin as your boyfriend]

[Jimin as your boyfriend]

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@parkjimin69: Baby girl

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taetaeisbae: And you're daddy boy? Nah jk

lisainyourarea: She looks so good aww

hobieyourhope: I came along with you guys, and u didn't even upload a single picture of mine while you posted 5+ pics of her~ :')

(y/n): Aw I love you bby

parkjimin69: @(y/n) and I love you most♡♡

jinlovespink: I wish I could go there on a date with my girlfriend :')

awakesuga: Pfft u don't even have a girlfriend @jinlovespink

jiminbiggestfan: DATE MEEE JIMIN T.T

parkjimin69: @jiminbigestfan but you're not her.


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