20. Hoseok

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(Hobie looks so good in the picture omagawddd)

"Jagi, get ready, I'm taking you on a date" Hoseok said through the phone.

"Yeah? Sounds good. Where are you now, by the way?" I asked.

"Look out your window"

I did as he said. There he was, looking all-handsome, leaning on an Avanti. Wow. New car?

I waved at him and gave him a quick flying kiss. He acted as if he caught it and kept it inside his jacket's pocket.

"Give me 10 minutes, I'll quickly dress up. Saranghae"

"Okay, jagi. Nado Saranghaeyo" And that was the last thing I heard from him before I hung up.

"What should I wear?" I mumbled as I searched the perfect dress for our date.

Since, Hobie was dressed so nicely and had bought an Avanti with him, I thought he was taking me to some kind of fancy restaurant, so I put on a long, laced party dress. I did some light make up, before putting on a pair of black heels. I took my purse with me before closing the door behind.

As I approached Hoseok, he seemed rather surprised. I blushed, thinking I was looking good.

"Actual-" I cut him off my placing my index finger on his lips, thinking that he was going to compliment me, which I don't know how to react to.

"Let's just go" I smiled. He smiled back.

I was about to open the car's door when Hobie asked me something really surprising.

"Is this your car?" He tilted his head a little.

"No- wait, is this not yours?" I questioned him back.

"You know I only have a scooter with me, don't you?" He pointed his scooter, just behind the Avanti.

Shit. Shit. This is so embarrassing. Someone take me to another planet pls omg.

"Here" he fixed the helmet on my perfectly braided hair.

I was now on a scooter, with my long, laced party dress, on the way to the ramen shop just some few blocks away.

So embarrassing. I really shouldn't over imagine things.

Oh wait, I could've just change my clothes before he started the engine. Tf.


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