5. Hoseok

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[Hoseok as your boyfriend]

[Hoseok as your boyfriend]

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@imherhope: About rn. With the love of my life @y/n

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@insfiresman: Noicee

@taelovesphotography: Hyung, can I come and join u guys?

@jeonseagull: @taelovesphotography don't go and disturb their lovely time

@imherhope: @jeonseagull thanks man

@tzuyuyuzt: Relationship goals or how

@KIM_JISOO93: mount everest lol u kow what i'm sayin'?

@0_namjoohyuk_0: lol @KIM_JISOO93 

@itslaynotlays: u guys painting ur house or wut

@d.o_it: i think i saw u both buying these paints yesterday.


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