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 Hey there! 

This is @-kookgle here. So, I am writing this to let you all know that I won't be online on Wattpad till the 20th of November. That it because I am having my final/promotion examination very very soon. 

From 24th-27th October, I'd be having some minor subjects exams and starting from 14th-20th November, I'd be having the major subjects exams.

My parents have been quite strict of me using the Internet, so yeah, I'll be on a semi hiatus :)

Also, I have two requests pending:( I apologize to that two persons who requested because I won't be able to make them atm. However, I'd make them as soon as I finish my exams.

Anddd I'd like to thank all the readers. Thank you so much for reading and vommenting. It truly means a lot to me. Never have I ever imagined this book to have 30k+ views and 1.3+ votes! I also read all the comments. Some of them are hilarious! x))

I love y'll so much! Thanks once again!



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