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Seokjin as your boyfriend; Instagram

Seokjin as your boyfriend; Instagram

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seokjin.kim.92 you're a blessing @y/n. I love you so much 

yoon__gi.min cute or whateva

sooyaaa_ too adorable!

jpg.jungkoo is this cute lady my sister-in-law?

y/n I love you more, oppa😚

seokjin.kim.92 @y/n nah 😏

hyunah_aa love you, parents🙈💘

skawngur pls just have kids already

bangchanbang aww actual goals

patootie [add your comment here]

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HELLO EVERYONE, HERES A CRINGEY UPDATE AFTER A VVV LONG HIATUS lol. Also, thank you very much y'll for getting this book over 160k reads. I love you all sm 💛 💙 💜 💚 ❤ 💔 💗 💓 💕 💖 💞 💘 💌

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