Twenty Four: Life and Death

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One more chapter left and this book's already concluded. Thank you everyone for making this a successful book! Yes. Ending a book is bittersweet.


Kousei is confined in the hospital for two weeks now. He had been in an oxygen mask for a few days. A lot of tubes are connected to him for a week and it was only on the second week of December that he was taken off from it and given nasal cannula. Emi and Takeshi usually visited him in his room to give him company while his childhood friends aren't notified about his condition.

Of course, it makes him sad that they have to cancel their participation in the piano competition due to his sickness. He mostly sleep in his room after he's finished swallowing his bitter medicines. He's also given medicine through his IV tube. His half brother stay with him always while he's being treated in the hospital.

That night while he's lying down his bed and he had finished drinking his medicines, Kousei looked at Mikoto and cried, "How long will I feel bad, nii-san?"

Mikoto sighed under his mask, "I don't know, Kousei. Go to sleep."

Kousei closed his eyes while Mikoto cover him with his white blanket.

While he's sitting on the white chair near Kousei's bed, he heard a knock. When he opened it, he was surprised to see his biological mother. He immediately went out of Kousei's room to talk to her. He took his mask off. He asked her, "How did you know I am here and I'm not in the Setos' house?"

Saichi answered him, "I went here after Hiroko-san informed me that you are accompanying your sick half-brother. I know you don't want me to be here but I chose to visit Kousei. I heard that he contacted Pneumonia. How is he?"

He answered her, "He's still feeling sick."

They were talking to each other when Mikoto saw Emi walk near them.

Emi Igawa bowed and asked him, "Can I get in and look after Kousei, nii-san?"

Mikoto smiled and answered, "Yes. I'm sure Kousei would want you to be with him right now. I'm talking with my mom here."

Emi entered the Intensive Care Unit after he replied to her. After that, he looked back at his mother. His head lolled down after he remembered what Ainichi had informed him that his brother badly wants him to forgive his mother for every mistskes she made. "Why did you come here, again?" he asked her.

Saichi answered him, "I heard that your brother was admitted here the day after the two of us had an argument back at the house where you live now. I feel like I shouldn't have gone out to see you at your new home. I could have aggravated his frail figure."

"Then, why are you here if you didn't go for me?" he asked him.

He's a bit irritated of his mother for saying that she came to visit his half brother. He's jealous of his brother since almost everyone he knows are worried for him. Sakura visited him and Kousei in the hospital to check their conditions that day and had just gone back home. He was looking at his feet when he heard his mother laugh at him. "You sound jealous, Mikoto. Are you jealous that I want to see Kousei?"

Mikoto opened his mouth in shock. He cried after she said those words to him. After that, he told her, "My brother always wanted me to accept your apology. It was so wrong of me that I never felt that you are really trying that I forgive you already!"

Saichi took him in her arms and spoke up, "My sins are too large for you that I know you can't easily forgive me, Mikoto but you must remember, I gave birth to you. You may be seen as an illegitimate child of mine but you are still my child, Mikoto."

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