Twenty Three: Memories

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A/n: I hope you like this chapter! Sorry if things go fast. I'm having an annoying writer's block. I'll edit this after I finish the whole book. Thank you!


Emi and Kousei were playing the piano together at school. As they practice the last piece that they're practicing together for the finals, she had noticed that her boyfriend seemed to really be distracted and something is bothering him completely.

"Kousei... Are you okay?" Emi asked him.

Kousei smiled at her and replied, "I'm fine, Emi. Don't worry about me."

Emi grinned happily and they just kept on practicing. Even so, she's really worried for him.


What actually bothers him was the time his brother's mom went at their house.

He still can remember how Mikoto and his mother fought and spoke harshly on each other that made him lock himself up in his room.

He cried tremendously at his room at that time.

Mikoto and Saichi only stopped shouting at each other when they have noticed that he disappeared from the living room already and Seto Hiroko went at Kousei's room to check up on him.

He also still can remember how Seto asked him worriedly, "Are you alright, Kousei?"

Emi and Ainichi found him stop playing the piano soon. It also worried them so much when he began crying bitterly that no matter how many times they try to calm him down, he couldn't stop it.

"What happened, Kousei? Why are you crying? Tell me, Kousei. I don't want you to feel this way," Emi told him.

He answered her, "Why can't my brother accept the mistakes of his mother? My mom died. I spoke harshly to her first and wished for her to die! I don't want my half brother to do the same way! His mother is still alive!"

Ainichi held him up and told him, "Stand up, Kousei. You're not fit to play the piano right now. You need rest. I'll talk to your brother. Don't worry about that."

Kousei obeyed his piano mentor. He guided him up at the clinic with Emi following them.

When he's lying down the bed already, he told him, "Go to sleep, Kousei. You need it right now."

He also touched his forehead as his student go to sleep. He took off his coat off. He inhaled and exhaled as he sit on the chair beside his bed.

Emi sat beside him.

Seconds later, a nurse came and saw them inside. When she saw that Ainichi had laid Kousei on the bed, she asked her, "What happened to him?"

Nurse Haruhi is a young school nurse who has brown, small eyes and has an average height.

"I am afraid that my student's going back to the boy before he was brought here. I don't want that to happen. His emotions are making him feel sick. I touched his forehead and I could feel heat on it," he told her.

Nurse Haruhi took out a thermometer and put it on Kousei's armpit.

A few minutes later, it finally showed them Kousei's temperature.

"He's really sick. I believe you have to take him home, sir," she told him.

"What's his temperature?" he asked her.

"40°C sir," she said to him which shocked the two of them.

"No. We should call an ambulance if he is this sick," he told her.

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