Fifteen: Rainbow

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Kousei separated from Mikoto after he already reached the building of his school inside the large campus. Mikoto waved goodbye as Kousei wave goodbye for him. Both of them are excited for their new lives, of course. When he got inside Okutsu College of Music Affiliated High School, he could hear a lot of different instruments being played at. He's a piano major and so, before all else, he had asked the receptionist in front and said his name. "Seto Kousei. I'm a piano major."

The female receptionist looked back at him and asked, "Seto Kousei?"

She looked at the files and asked him again, "Aren't you an Arima? The one written here is Arima."

He sighed. His biological father is dead. 

The surname 'Arima' reminds him that he is an orphan. "I'm a Seto now. I was adopted by my piano mentor," he told her.

After that, while the receptionist is changing his surname in her computer, Emi Igawa came and stood in front of her. Kousei let her stand before him as she seemed not to notice him until Emi realized who the boy is beside her.

"Kousei?" she spoke up. "Arima Kousei?"

He sighed. "I'm not an Arima anymore."

Emi could observe that his voice does have agony on it. Even so, he does seem to accept that he isn't an Arima now but a Seto. That really surprises her that he isn't denying anything.

After the receptionist was done, she gave him his schedule for their first day of school while she also give Emi's. They both looked at it and learned that they have the same piano mentor but for now, they will be meeting their other classmates in homeroom and academic classes in the morning.


When they both got in, they were greeted by a lot more students, most especially, Aiza Takeshi. "So, my two rivals had already arrived, finally," he said to them.

"Sit with us?" Emi asked Kousei while she go at the back of the room.

He doesn't know what to say and so, he just sat beside their chairs. He put down his bag near him. He smiled at Emi and Takeshi. He did chat with them after all. Of course, Takeshi was joyful enough that Kousei is already out of the orphanage. Even so, the two of them made it sure that they can't ask him a lot about his past.

They know that it might bring up something that will make him sad. Finally, their female teacher went inside the room and welcomed the students. Of course, she introduced herself as Kito Yuna. She has brown eyes, long, black hair and fair skin. After she introduced herself, she did a roll call to see if everyone on her homeroom class is present. The room has twenty-five students.

"Ikuguchi Rio," she began.

"Present!" she spoke up.

"Emi Igawa!"

"Present!" Emi answered.

"Riku Thea!"


She called ten more students until finally, their homeroom teacher called Kousei.

"Seto Kousei!"

Everyone stared to look at him and wondered if the boy at the classroom is the same as Arima Kousei. He finally spoke up and said, "Present!"

Whispers came running softly why all of a sudden, Kousei isn't an Arima anymore. After all of the students were called, the homeroom class began and their teacher oriented them about the rules and regulations of the school. After the academic classes, it was finally a short break to all of them. While they are having a break, Kousei couldn't help but think about his old friends in the orphanage. Even if he is already out of it, he feels bad for all of them whom he knew months ago. 

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