Sixteen: Carmen Fantasy for Two Pianos

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Kousei and Emi Igawa immediately went inside their classroom in the third floor to meet their school mentor. When they both got in the classroom, both have noticed that there's just one black piano inside. They only stood inside while waiting their mentor.

A few minutes later, Sir Ainichi finally came. He's holding piano sheets on and sat on the piano stool to face them. "So, you're the first years that I will be handling, then?" he asked them.

Both of them nodded.

"Introduce yourselves to me. I should know something about you that aren't written on your documents, okay? I know both of you are Seto Kousei and Emi Igawa," he told them. 
Kousei smiled after observing him. He truly seemed to be a kind person who wouldn't get him to practice piano like what his mother did to him. 

He introduced himself first. "I actually like Chopin and Beethoven. I had met a crazy violinist before that made me return back on stage. Sadly, she's gone now. Also, as you can see, my surname changed as my personal mentor, Seto Hiroko adopted me."

Sir Ainichi grinned. "Well then, I understand you. Don't worry, everything will be okay. I have heard that you will need to be given some more therapy since you're still in trauma. I can help you by letting you play the piano. You're a musician. You pour your emotions through it."

After that, Emi finally introduced herself, "I like Chopin as well and I was actually influenced by Kousei to play the piano when I saw him play it when he was very young."

"Hmm... Before I tell you about our first lesson, you will have to play musical pieces that are unfamiliar to the two of you. Understood?" he asked them.

Both of them nodded.

Kousei played first.

He chose to play Etude in E minor, Op. 25, No. 5 ''Wrong Note.''

His music totally awed Sir Ainichi as he play it technically but with precision and beauty. Before, he played it badly at first since he couldn't hear himself play but now that he was able to end his trauma over the death of his mother, he was able to hear the notes once again and be able to play the piano just like what he wants. 

His musical style is truly one of a kind as he is able to play the notes that he almost copies the sheet itself. Even so, Sir Ainichi could observe that he is still in pain when he looked through his eyes. The imagery he's having was always about seeing Kaori in front of him and in his surprise, he was seeing a new girl in front of her who seemed to tell him that even if he had lost Kaori whom he accompanied before, there's a new girl who's actually waiting for him. 

The notes reverberated in rainbows and it slowly cleans his heart. He knows that Kaori will always be a big part of him as a musician. It makes him doubt if he should actually fall for someone again, most especially, Kaori had died just recently. He was never able to tell Kaori that he liked her. It still hurts him to know that she actually liked him. 

Her letter still hurts him to know that he only knew two truths in which he wasn't able to know. Tsubaki Sawabe and Miyazono Kaori were both in love with him.

Both girls are important for him but he cannot go to romantic feelings to them. If only he knew earlier that Kaori likes him and not Watari, he could have been more enthusiastic to go to her hospital everyday while in Tsubaki's case, he doesn't know how he will break down their friendship. Most of all, he can't even ask Tsubaki if she actually likes him.

After he played his chosen musical piece, Sir Ainichi could see that he is truly full of potential but if handled by an instructor who isn't good in counseling and understanding, Arima Kousei could definitely break down and stop playing piano.

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