Seventeen: Broken Glasses

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"I'm a basketball player already in our college. Yup. I got in the varsity team as a first year college student, mom," Mikoto reported to Seto Hiroko as he sit down at a brown chair at the living room. 

"That's good for you, then, Mikoto!" she told him. 

"I also met my best friend at school, mom. Remember Sakura from the orphanage?" he asked her. 

"Yes. I remember her," she answered her back as she ready the piano at home that Saturday morning. She's actually getting ready the piano so that Kousei could practice with her. She's taking off the white cloths that are covering it. "You and my husband would really be able to like each other. He was like you before."

"He's also a basketball player before?" he asked her. 

"Yup. Daichi courted me in college," he answered her. "He was a popular basketball player at our school before. Funny that he was able to be sporty and at the same time studying medicine. People call him super genius before."

After a while, Kousei went out of his room while he is still yawning and with a messy hair. He doesn't have his glasses on. He kept on bumping on walls and things as well. Mikoto immediately noticed it before Kousei bumps on a lamp stand. He stood up from his seat and held his younger brother on his shoulders. 

"You forgot your glasses, kid," he told him. He had asked him to stand for a while outside and went inside his room to search for it. 

Kousei followed and just stood in front of it.

When he found his eyeglasses, that's when he learned that Kousei actually broke one part of it which is actually under his study table. He went out bringing the broken eyeglasses and held his brother who can't see well. His eyes are blurry without his eyeglasses. 

"When did you break your glasses, Kousei?" he asked him. 

"I was tapping it on my table but I accidentally dropped it and when I stood up, that's when I noticed that it's broken," he answered him. "I was just supposed to tell you about it."

"I guess we should ask our adopted parents to give you a new one," he said to him as he guide him at the sofa set where he could sit for a while. 

He gave the broken glasses to Hiroko. After she got it, she immediately told Daichi that they have to go to an optometrist or just buy a new eyeglasses at the shop to get him new glasses. 

Daichi looked back at Kousei and understood. "Want to come with us, Mikoto?" he asked him. 

Mikoto waved his hands and replied, "I can stay here, dad. I'll take care of Koharu."


"So, how did you break your eyeglasses again, Kousei?" Seto Hiroko asked him while they are walking inside an optometrist's clinic and shop.

"I dropped my eyeglasses while I was tapping on my table near my bed and accidentally stepped on it when I stood up," he answered her. 

She messed his hair and said as she's laughing a bit, "I think I don't want you to have a new eyeglasses."

He stared at her. "But I need one! I can't see well without one."

"He sleeps anytime and anywhere, Hiroko. It'll be troublesome if you give him contact lenses," Daichi told her after he got what Hiroko actually means. 

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