Twenty-Two: Hurt

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A week after Kousei and Emi had confessed their love for each other and assured themselves that they really are a couple, the two of them had a lot more dates than the one when they are at school.

They mostly date on museums, parks and watch movies together.

They really are a happy couple and both truly love spending time together.

They were eating vanilla ice cream together at a park and seated on a wooden bench at Tokyo Park when Tsubaki saw the two of them.

It hurt her more when she saw Kousei hold Emi's right hand tightly.

"Are they really a couple, now?" she asked herself. Her jealousy is creeping in her.

Without her noticing, Watari suddenly appeared from her back and observed that she's looking somewhere.

"Where are you looking at?" he asked her.

Tsubaki blushed hard until Watari Ryota saw Kousei hold Emi's hands already near the bench where they were seated after they finished eating their ice cream.

That's when he knew why Tsubaki looked sad. She's seeing that the boy she loves so much is with another woman.

He laughed at her and spoke up, "You can't compete on her, Tsubaki. She is a wonderful woman to begin with."

Before the two disappear from their sight, Watari approached them with Tsubaki following him.

"Yo! Kousei! I can see you do have your first girlfriend now!" he said with hearts on his eyes. "She's really beautiful!"

Seto Kousei laughed with him with Emi Igawa blushing beside him.

While they are all happy, Tsubaki is looking down and whispering to herself, "I'm only Friend A."

After that, she heard Kousei ask them, "Do you want to come with me and say some prayers to my biological parents? Mom and dad... That's Seto Hiroko-san and Seto Daichi. They told me that before the second round of the competition which will be held tomorrow, I have to say my prayers and get some blessings from them. I asked Emi to come along with me so I can introduce her to them."

Sawabe Tsubaki was definitely shocked when he said those things. He's able to move on already. He isn't the same as the boy she saw in the orphanage.

"I can come with you," Watari told him.

Kousei asked Tsubaki, "Will you come with us?"

Tsubaki was about to say 'no' when Emi went closer to her.

"Kousei still treats you as his friend. Will you come with us? I know that you're sad that I'm the one that became his girlfriend. Even so, I hope you accept me in your group," she told her.

She looked at Kousei, too. She also could see that he really looked worried that she may say no to his offer since he wasn't able to fall in love with her.

She grinned and said to them, "Then I will come with you!"

Her words truly made Kousei happy.


A few hours after that, they finally arrived at the indoor cemetery where Kousei's parents' urns are placed. They all went at the second floor and followed Kousei around. When they finally were where the Arima Couple's urns are placed side by side, all of them stopped walking. The urns are inside a glass cabinet and it's enclosed by it. Kousei approached it, opened the cabinet and lit three red incense sticks. They prayed for them for a few minutes. After that, Kousei smiled happily. "Mother, Father... This is Emi. She's my girlfriend. I hope you give her your blessings. I really had a hard time accepting your deaths."

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