Eight: Sentimental Rain

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Aiza Takeshi and Emi Igawa were both looking inside the orphanage where a lot of kids in different ages were playing inside. Also, they have noticed that a lot of them were staring back at them. Both of them feels a bit uneasy and both doubted if Kousei is actually among them. A few minutes later, Agent Thea went at the waiting room where they are. When they saw her, both quickly stood up.

"Is Kousei really here?" Emi asked.

Agent Thea laughed a bit, "Of course he is here. I'll guide you up where he is currently."

Both of them nodded and just followed her.


Arima Kousei was playing around with his new friends and laughing with them when Aiza Takeshi and Emi Igawa went inside the gym of the orphanage. The six kids, including Kousei stared back at them.

"They look rich," spoke up Sakura since she noticed that they are obviously wearing expensive clothing. "Are they rich?"

"I don't know. I'm just a simple boy without a mother when I met them again last few months ago," he said to her as he ask her to give him an ice cream as well. Sakura grinned and gave him the vanilla ice cream he was asking for. His smile was actually so big that he quickly ate it up. Of course, she is happy that his friend is actually moving on already.

The six kids stood up after Agent Thea had already lead the two inside the gym and of course, they were definitely surprised to really see him inside the orphanage. Just like his new friends, they've noticed that he is wearing a grey shirt. They both looked at him sadly but Kousei just grinned at them. 

"Don't pity me that I'm here," he said to him. 

"Even so...," Emi spoke up. 

Kousei smiled at her and replied, "It was hard and difficult for me to actually move on but I'm okay now."

He began introducing his new friends to them and also, he introduced the two to them. 

They all willingly talked together and had a happy chat together inside the gym. He had also asked them to join them in playing Jack and stone. Emi stared back at him and she still is worried for Kousei now that he's alone on his own now but as she could see, he is being helped by cheerful agents of the orphanage and the kids were actually all disciplined. 

Even so, for the two of them, it's still a scary place to be in as there are still kids who actually go and fight each other. 

The group had a happy chat together and of course, kids like Chikako who had been an orphan since she was five years old and had forgotten her parents already, she definitely doesn't know how to feel to have parents. "Is it happy to have parents?" she asked the group. She's the only one in the group of Mikoto who had never met parents. 

"It's all different, Chikako-senpai," Kousei answered her as he remember her mother who taught him piano. Unlike before, when he talks about his mother, he cries, but now, he is thankful that even for a few years, he had her. He was able to tell himself that even if he won't be able to see his mother already, she is inside him while his father would still be happy that even if he hadn't seen his son for months, he would live independently and happy with Seto Hiroko who would guide him as he grow up as an adult. 

Aiza Takeshi and Emi Igawa were both shocked by how Kousei answered her and so, he asked him while he wait for his turn.

"How's your life here?" Aiza asked.

"I'm fine. It's a difficult life but I have already moved on," he replied to him.
After a while, Mikoto went inside the gym to look out for him. After a while, he went closer and sat beside them as well. He looked at the two kids who seemed not to be wearing clothes the same as theirs which meant that they are just visitors.

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