Seven: The Pianist

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Three days after Seto Hiroko asked the orphanage to buy Kousei a keyboard, Agent Hana returned back at the clinic while Kousei is sleeping that morning.

She looked at her and asked, "Why are you here?"

"How is he?" she asked.

"He's still a bit sad but he was able to smile already. He's also finishing the nutritional food you gave him. Also, it seems he has a huge connection with Mikoto now. He was smiling at me while he's talking about how happy he is that he seemed to have gained a big brother," she told her.

"That's good. I think he will be happier. We already bought the keyboard you are asking for and we put it on Mikoto's room just now. His psychiatrist had also said that he can go back to his room this afternoon when he wakes up," she informed her.

Seto Hiroko cried joyfully, "Thank you, Agent Hana."


A few hours later, Arima Kousei opened his eyes. He looked around and when he stared back at his right hand, he learned that he doesn't have an IV anymore.

He felt hungry and so, when he saw the bottle of his nutritional food at the table near him, he took it up and ate it while no one is actually near his bed. He had also noticed that after a few weeks, he felt so much better. He had also learned to accept the deaths of the three most important people in his life.

He also feels happy already.

After the death of his father, he felt how much Seto loves him and most of all, he gained a brother through Mikoto.

He was smiling and eating his food when Seto Hiroko opened up the curtains of his cubicle. "You look happy now. That's good."

Kousei took off the bottle from his mouth and swallowed the food. He had actually got used to the taste of the nutritional food. "Thank you for taking care of me nonstop while I'm depressed, Seto-san," he said to her.

Seto hugged him and said, "I'm glad that I can see you like this, now. You also gained some weight."

After a while, Mikoto joined in and grinned joyfully. Seto separated from him and let him pet Kousei's head. "My brother looks so happy."

"Onii-san, thank you for being here while I was sick," he said to him.

"You're going to be released from here now but, we prepared a gift for you. I know that it's not that much but we hope you like it," he told him.

They both helped him stand up and guide him back in their room. Before they go back in, Seto Hiroko held his eyes closed while Mikoto open the door of their room.

The three of them went in and after a few seconds, Seto Hiroko took it off and said to Kousei, "Open your eyes."

Kousei opened his eyes and a few seconds later, he saw a small piano beside their double bed. He knows that it isn't a grand piano but it's good enough for him. He knows that it's different from a grand piano but making music is his life. He was definitely joyful to see it that tears fall on his eyes.

Even so, seeing him cry worried the two. "Are you alright?" Mikoto asked.

"I'm fine, nii-san," he replied back at him. "I'm just happy that I have a piano now in my room. I know that it's just a keyboard but I'm still happy. I miss playing music. More on, I miss it since the day I know I can hear the notes already."

"Why don't you play music, now?" Seto asked him.

Kousei willingly sat on the chair near the keyboard and placed both of his hands on it.

He quickly played 'Love's Sorrow'.

He happily played it with great pride inside him. Even if the song is sad, Seto Hiroko noticed that she is definitely correct to ask the orphanage to give him a piano. She hugged Kousei and said, "I hope you won't try attempting to kill yourself again."

Kousei finished playing the piano and replied, "I won't anymore, Seto-san."

"That's good, Kousei. Your doctors would want to tell you that you can still rest here. You just got out of the clinic, anyway and last of all, they believe that you'd willingly drink your medication on your own now," Mikoto said to him.

"I still want to have my nutritional blended food. It's easier to swallow," he told them.

The two sighed and learned that even if Kousei seemed okay already, he still feels lonely. It's understandable anyway as he had lost a lot of things.

"I'll tell them, don't worry," he replied back to him.

Seto smiled at him even she's surprised that he heard her say that when he was sick. "Kousei, will you be okay if I leave now? I still have to work on the request I filed so I can adopt you. I promise to go back here with my husband. We want to adopt you."

Kousei looked back at her with a sad expression on his eyes, "Is that why you called me son?"

Seto replied back, "You may be Saki's biological son but now that both of them are gone, I know that they would want me to take custody on you."

"I'll be fine, Seto-san but, can you also adopt nii-san?" he asked him.

His request surprised Seto and Mikoto. He looked back at her and blushed. Seto petted him and said, "You're just tired. Go and sleep again. Good bye for a while, Kousei."

Kousei hugged Seto after that and obeyed his future mother.

Mikoto and Seto went outside of the room after they closed the lights. "He trusts you, Mikoto. He was able to feel this way because of how much care you gave him while he is severely depressed. He's still depressed and he still needs you that's why he asked me to adopt you as well," Seto Hiroko said to him.

"You don't need to adopt me, ma'am," he told her.

"I think I will have two adopted boys at home who can take care of my daughter," she said.

Mikoto blushed.


The next few days, Arima Kousei had been successfully improving a lot. His grades in school are also improving already. Most of all, he was able to make friends on his own and accept the truth that he no longer would be able to see his mother and father already.

Mikoto's friends, Sakura, Taichi, and Chikako had also been helping him cope up and learn a lot more things in the orphanage and make him happy.

For some weeks, he finally got used to the life as an orphan, living in the orphanage. He also began slowly eating solid food but of course, his nutritionists also asked him to take it slowly and advised to eat soups and ramen for a while.

It was at the time that he was actually enjoying inside the gym with his new friends after he actually began to be an important person in the group of Mikoto when Agent Thea went closer to them.

The small group of friends stared back at her while they pause playing Jack and Stone at the floor for a while that Saturday as they all don't have classes.

"You've got a visitors, Kousei," she said to him.

"Who?" he asked. "Is it Seto-san?"

Agent Thea shook her head. "No. They said they were your piano rivals and friends."

Kousei was shocked that Emi and Aiza Takeshi knew where he is. "Okay. I'll meet them," he said to her as he stand up but he was stopped by Agent Thea.

"I'll guide them here," she told him.

After a few seconds, he heard Chikako tell him, "It's time for you to play."

Kousei sat again at the floor and began playing Jack and Stone while he is waiting for his piano rivals to meet him. He wonders what could they be thinking now if he sees him inside wearing just a simple gray T-shirt and brown shorts just like the other kids in the orphanage.


A/n: I hope that this chapter made you happy for Kousei. Yes. This is the start of Kousei's recovery from his depression.

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