Six: Locked Up

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Two months after Arima Kousei was visited by Seto Hiroko and Tsubaki, Mikoto noticed a significant change on the personality of his roommate. He wasn't yet able to actually have friends yet on his own. He was only talking briefly to Mikoto's friends and lastly, only to his teachers.

Mikoto became aware as well that even if Tsubaki kept on visiting his roommate every Saturday last January, he didn't recover. When February came, it had been very rare for her to actually go and talk to him already due to preparation on the Graduation Ceremony. It was this reason why Kousei reverted back to being a depressed boy who tried to actually poison himself with a lot of random medicines. It was just luck that Mikoto stopped him again but he was shocked by the change of personality he had after missing Tsubaki so much.

He had been imagining his parents and Kaori for weeks. He wasn't violent on other kids but he is violent on himself which prompted the institution to lock him up and put handcuffs on both of his hands at the railings of his bed to protect him from self-harm. He had been in that situation for a few days even if he kept on begging them that he wants to be free. His hot tears just kept on falling down his eyes while he is on his bed, handcuffed.


It was at March when Tsubaki was able to go back in the orphanage and she doesn't know Kousei's current condition. While she was looking for him at the orphanage, she noticed that other kids inside the institution had some few fights in the corridors, some kids kept on running, were being disciplined by the workers and lastly, there are boys who are cleaning up. There are also kids the same age as Kousei that were actually looking at her strangely at the second floor where Kousei's room is located, he had noticed that all of them have the same clothes as if the orphanage was actually a prison.

The first floor's atmosphere seemed good for her but when she went closer to the ward where the boys' rooms are, she noticed the eerie atmosphere.

Mikoto had just gone out of his room when he saw Tsubaki. He wanted to talk to her but he doesn't know what to tell her. He stopped walking and he just stared at her.

"Where is Kousei?" she asked him.

"He's sick," he answered her. "He's in the clinic."

"Can I visit him?" she asked.

"I'll check if you can look at him today. He had terribly been sick so much. Seto Hiroko had been checking on him almost everyday now," he answered her. "Come with me."


Mikoto guided her at the first floor,where the clinic is. It's at the west side of the large institution. Tsubaki just kept on following him and so, when they were already near the cubicle where Kousei was in and the curtains were covering him, he stopped Tsubaki and instructed her to wait for a while, a distance from Kousei's bed. He saw at that time that Kousei's wide awake when he entered his cubicle but he seemed too silent. He also noticed that Kousei had just finished crying again. His right hand is still in a handcuffs, though. The handcuffs are connected on his bed's railing. When his eyes shifted on Mikoto, he couldn't stop crying again.

"Nii-san!" he cried. "Why can't I stop these feelings of emptiness?"

Mikoto sighed. "The way for you to actually move on from their death is to accept it. You believe in God, right? Then you know that in the future, you will meet together again but not by suicide."

"Thank you for advising him," she smiled at him. Seto Hiroko took off the handcuffs on his right hand for a while since she needed to make him sit and drink some of his medicines but she had instructed him to hold him down.

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