Thirteen: Brothers

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A/n: Thanks for reading this story! This story is a Kousei x Emi fic.


Arima Kousei is currently crying at the sight of his parents altar at indoor cemetery. Both of the urns are placed over the glass altar. Daichi is right behind him while Mikoto is right beside him.

"Saki, and Takahiko, I will take care of your son. Don't worry. He will be able to live happily with me and I hope, he sees me as his father as well. Help me guide him from above, okay?" Daichi spoke up while they are looking at it.

Kousei stared at the pictures of his parents inside the glass altar. "Mom, dad... I know I'll never know the reason why you left me first but I hope, I will be able to accept my new parents now. I know I will be happy with them. Goodbye, mom... dad."

Seto Hiroko followed them with Koharu on her arms. The family wishes for the blessings of Kousei's parents and so, now that they have gathered around the altar, something inside Kousei changed. He knows that he can finally let go of his past and move along. He smiled gleefully at all of the people in front of him and hugged Daichi. In that way, he accepted him as his father while Hiroko as his mother. 

Mikoto smiled too.

Kousei soon went inside Mikoto's arms and to him, finding him at the orphanage feels like he truly found a brother. What they do not know was that Agent Hana had already planned to make them interact with each other ever since Takahiko died in an earthquake in Okinawa.


That night, the Seto couple were surprised to see Agent Hana waiting outside of their house while their children are all asleep. Seto Hiroko chose to allow Kousei and Mikoto to sleep together as she had noticed that they seem to actually treat each other as real brothers.

They lead him at the living room and welcomed her.  

"Why are you here?" she asked. 

She gave him an envelope and said, "They are connected to each other. Kousei's father was supposed to get him out of the orphanage last year and tell him the truth that he has a half-brother. Mikoto never knew the truth, too after we learned that Arima Takahiko perished in the earthquake last year. The DNA results are conclusive. It is 100% accurate that Mikoto and Takahiko are father and son. It was a shame that the three wasn't able to meet normally."

She took the envelope and said to her, "They believe that they are only brothers not by blood but by legal terms that we adopted both of them."

"You adopted Takahiko's sons, Hiroko-san. I took care of him believing that Takahiko would take him again in the future but after all that, he had another son with Saki, your best friend. He hid Arima Mikoto for years until he was adopted by the Takaguyas. He never met him until Takahiko returned last year to take him back as he knows that he will soon become eighteen years old. He planned to tell Kousei about him but he never got a chance to say sorry to his sons for not letting them meet," Agent Hana explained to her. 

"What about his mother? His real mother? Where is she?" Seto Hiroko asked. 

"I came here due to it that your husband had called me since he wants another deeper background check of Mikoto. As I have explained to him, his mother doesn't want him anymore. If you look closely and as I have observed them at the orphanage, I was convinced that they are brothers because they have that sense of connection," she replied back. 

Seto Hiroko began crying when she already looked at the DNA result of Mikoto and Takahiko. The DNA test is positive that they are father and son. The whole reason why Kousei finds himself comfortable with him was that they are siblings. 

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