Twenty One: Flow of Time

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Emi and Kousei were eating together atop their school when Aiza Takeshi sat on the floor to eat with them. He really felt awkward sitting with them while they're obviously dating. Even so, they still let him join them.

Emi gave some sunny side up eggs to Takeshi's rice bowl. Most of which are actually what she made alone and she knows that those were too salty. She actually gave the bento that she made with her mother to Kousei. Whenever she look at him while he's eating the bento she cooked, she's blushing since they're an official couple already. She also can observe that Kousei's enjoying what she made for him which makes her feel relieved that she is a good girlfriend for him.

"Why are you giving me salty eggs, Emi???" Takeshi asked him while holding his own steel chopsticks.

Emi stared at him. "Be happy that I gave that to you, okay? Those are the first one I made when I cooked. Mom discovered that I am in love with someone."

Kousei finished eating and let his bento rest on his lap. He had just ate what Emi cooked for him. He was so happy to eat tempura, vegetables and egg at lunch for the first time in his life while he's at school.

"Thank you for giving this to me. I had been eating egg salad sandwich most of the time in middle school," he told her.

Emi grinned in happiness. "I can cook bento for you every day if you want."

Kousei was shocked by what she said. "Won't that be so hard on you?"

Emi laughed. "Mom helped me, anyway. I'm cooking my own lunch, too. I don't want you buying bento or eating only Moo Moo Milk and egg salad sandwich at lunch."

Takeshi had also finished eating his rice bowl and stood up from where he was seated. He looked at the blue sky which are filled with clouds. He can also see that the day is so bright. The three of them were rivals before but now, Emi and Kousei are an official couple and he had become close to him.

He truly can't believe that his old hero changed so much after his parents died. He couldn't see Kousei, 'The Human Metronome', anymore. The Kousei he is friends with is a new Kousei that broke that barrier.

He's shining like a star and he also knows that it is possible that as long as he keep on getting better and the scars of his past kept on healing, his friend will be an unreachable star.

More on, he doesn't show how jealous he is when he sees Kousei and Emi happy together. He is envious that he was able to capture Emi's heart even if he's still recovering from all of the trauma he received. At the time the bell rang, the three of them knew that all of them has to go to their mentors.
Emi began cleaning off the floor where they ate. Kousei helped her clean it. Takeshi tried to help her, too, but Emi said to him, "You can't be late in your classes with your Italian Piano Mentor, Aiza! You know how strict she is about time."

"What about you?" he asked them. Kousei and Emi smiled together.

"He's not that strict. You must remember that I was given to him since I had been deeply depressed before I came here. Most of all, we're only going to practice our musical piece with him later. We still practice with our piano mentors at home," Kousei told him.

Takeshi took a deep breath. He inhaled and exhaled. "I understand. I guess I should go now. See you later, Kousei, Emi!"

He immediately walked to go to his class and left the two of them at the rooftop alone. When they were left alone, Emi went closer to Kousei, held his hands and said to him, "I know that the girl you fell in love with is definitely a good girl with great personality. Even so, you were only with her for a few months. I know you ever since we are kids. I cried when I saw you play your piano for the first time. I never imagined that I will have a relationship with the boy that made me want to play the piano. You gave such powerful melody at that time. You touched my life from that very first note. I know one thing that she might have not given you that I know I can give you."

Emi hugged him tight and there, she rested her head on his chest in which Kousei touched her hair. They're now face to face. She blushed harder until she bravely kissed him on his lips which made Kousei turn red and go into cloud nine. Emi held his hands tighter. "I won't ever drift away from you! Promise me that you won't drift away from me either!"

Kousei smiled joyfully. He took a kiss from her, too until both were kissing each other. They held each other and they didn't care about the time at all. They know that their mentor gave that time for them to talk to each other and tell themselves their true feelings. They're grateful enough for their mentor who gave that chance for them to talk to each other sincerely. "I won't go anywhere, Emi. You gave colors back to my black and white life. You're someone I want to be with, forever."

After some time, Kousei and Emi went down from the rooftop with their hands intertwined together. They went to their room together and even they don't have their mentor around, they were playing the piece side by side in perfect tone like they're a single pianist. After that, they left the room with glee when they realized it's time to go home.

Kousei was fetched by his brother who winked at her while Takeshi walk to go to his dormitory with Emi around who will be going to his piano mentor's house in Tokyo.

She's thankful for Ms. Ochiai to give her shelter while she study music. Her parents are happy that they have found someone to guide her.


Inside the Faculty Room, some of Ainichi's fellow piano mentors and music teachers were looking at him again.

"You had rare birds again this year," Sir Edward Houston, an American pianist with a square head, blonde hair and brown eyes told Ainichi. He was teaching in Julliard Music School before until he chose to stay in Japan.
Ainichi grinned at him. "Are you talking about Emi and Kousei?"

"Who else would he talk about, Ainichi?" Tomogawa Sachiko told him. She has short hair and big, round eyeglasses. Even so, she still looks stunning while wearing a long, red sleeves and white, pencil cut skirt. She's also wearing a necklace with a cross as a pendant.

"Seto Kousei is rare indeed. Even so, I still want to call him 'Arima Kousei'. Although, Arima Kousei and Seto Kousei may be one person but there are things he had lost. I still don't know what it is. I can still observe on him that if we aren't careful, he could go back and be mortally depressed again. I don't want that to happen to my student," he replied to them.

Sachiko smiled, "It's one of the reasons why he's given to you by this school. Everyone knows that Kousei must be taken care of. I know that you can save his soul, Ainichi."

"I'm afraid to fail. I hope Emi and Kousei stay strong together. I hope Kousei will be able to withstand the challenges he'll face as he keeps on living," he said to them.


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