Big Twist- 22

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Felicity's POV

"Are you fucking joking right?" I shake my head at the thought of what he did. "I specifically told you not to do that and you decide that it is okay? Just so you can piss me off? Are you an idiot?" 

He just looked at me with a confused expression, " Oh you don't even know I know do you?" I said to him backing up as he tries to step closer. " Don't come near me Tyler!" I scream at him and he stops.

" Baby.. What's going on?" "Oh you should know "sweetie" I saw you." " saw me doing what?" I shake my head and blink fast trying to stop my tears out of anger. " Don't play stupid with me Tyler! What were you doing with her?" 

His eyes widen and he thinks for a minute," You mean Lilly?.. She is just a friend!" " Didn't look like it. Friends aren't all over each other like that." "It was nothing and if you wanna be a bitch and think it was something then leave. I'll be better off."

I look at him with anger and sadness, no longer holding the tears in, " fine. Goodbye." with that I through the ring at him and headed towards the door. " Bye you dumb bitch." I then slammed the door after hearing his words and rented a hotel for a week or so. 

I wasn't sure of what to do now. I start working on my classes for college. Eckerd College isn't that bad. It is all the way in Florida so for now I am taking online classes till I find a place close to the College. 

My phone started vibrating and I looked at the contact to see Tyler's nickname I had for him pop up. I shake my head and sat my phone back down. " Just leave me alone... You've done enough.." I say to myself as if I was talking to him.

I close my eyes in attempt to go to sleep, but all the thoughts are keeping me awake. He is better off? Why would he ask me to marry him if all he is gonna do is screw up? I tell him to stop doing certain things and all he does is lie to me about it and keep things from me.

There is never an end. Every time it happens I end up forgiving him but not anymore! I am officially done. I can't do it anymore. My thoughts were then interrupted by a feeling in my stomach. 

I run to the bathroom and start puking. It doesn't last long, but it still sucked. I went to the kitchen afterwards and took some medicine. I then went to bed and fell asleep after a minute or two.

Things will get better...


I know it's short, but I am going through a good bit at the moment but I promise the next one will be longer.

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