Graduation night- 19

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Tyler's POV

I am finally graduating! It's going to be the best thing ever because I finally get to go to college and be whatever I want. I never understood why people were so scared to grow up. Yes it sucks, but if you know what you are doing, life will be easy as breathing. There will be bumps in the road, but everything will work out. 

While I am getting ready for tonight, I see my beautiful girlfriend. It's been rough but we have made it over two years together. Everything has to go perfect tonight because I am going to take her on a date after the graduation. 

"Hey baby, you look amazing in your graduation gown." I went in for a hug, then kissed her cheek," Thank you baby. You also look absolutely amazing in your cute black dress." I saw her cheeks turn pink. Man.. Two years and I still get to her.  I thought to myself. 

"Well, it's 5 right now. and it starts at 8. What do you wanna do?" I turned to Felicity and she smiles. " We are going to our friends and your class to go take pictures. Then we are going to the lake to take pictures of us." I nod in agreement, then head out to the car. 

-Time skip-

We got to the school and almost everyone was there. I stayed near Felicity most of the time so I wouldn't go or talk to someone she might not like. I see Alex and walk up to him," Saw dude!" He tilted his head," What's up man." Nothing really. Felicity wants me to get pictures with my friends and all." He laughs," Well you aren't gonna be here long." I looked at him and just stared. "I'm kidding Tyler calm down. " 

"Get ready guys I have the camera ready." Me and him put our arms around each other and got ready for the picture. We got a few with just me and him, but then more of my friends started getting in the picture. Micheal, Logan, and Jackson. She took more pictures and I saw her eyes glare someone down. She put the camera down," Alright cmon that is enough pictures for today until after graduation."

 I saw her motion to me to come over to her and I walked after saying bye to everyone else. "What was that about baby?" She looked at me and smiled," The three girls I don't like started heading this way. Talking about taking pictures." I laughed at her and hugged her," You are so petty that it isn't even okay." Well, what can I do, huh?" I kissed her and we went back to the car to head to the lake.

-Time Skip- 

After about thirty minutes of taking pictures, me and Felicity head back to my house. "So we have an hour and thirty minutes left before we have to be up there. What do you want to do?" Well we could go to your room and have some fun." I smile at her response and I can just feel the smirk on her face. " Maybe after I graduated." I hear her gasp and I turned to see her pouting. "I love you baby." I love you too you ass." I laugh and we ended up cuddling with each other until I had to go. 

" Tyler." I hear my name being called and I walked up there got my diploma, then stepped aside. I waved at my family and friends that I finally got it. It was an amazing night. The music, my friends, and family there to support me. Everything was perfect so far. 

We stayed there for about another hour to get everything ready to go and I take Felicity by the hand. I lead her to a car and she stops," Who's car are we getting into baby?" Mine" I said sternly while I open the door for her. She got in and I went to the driver side. I took her to a nice restaurant, then to a movies. It was an amazing night. 

To end it perfectly I made love to my wonderful girlfriend. I took her home and headed to bed. I had a lot ahead of me. I gotta find me a new home and go into the army. Felicity is scared and doesn't want me to, but it pays well so to support her and our future family, I have to. I am gonna be successful and prove everyone who has ever doubted me wrong. 


Well this chapter is shorter than the rest and yall thought there was gonna be smut huh. NOPE hehe sowwy. 

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