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Tyler's POV

When I asked her out yesterday I knew from the smirk on her face that she will be mine. I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up, but It's worth it. " Hey are you ready for school?"  I look at my mom to see her waiting for me at the door.

I get up and head out. "Mom, can I ask you something?" "Yeah sure thing." I gently smile at the thought of being with Felicity. " Am I allowed to have a girlfriend?" "No, why do you ask?" "No reason.." 

I look down and know exactly why my mother doesn't want me to have one. Her theory is that if I don't have a job, car, or money to buy, get, or take the girl places then I shouldn't have one.  I respect her theory but I am not gonna follow it one bit. 

Maybe she will say yes to me and everything will be great. I smile to myself with my own thought as I finally start leaving my home.

-1 Hour Later-

" Hey Felicity!" I smile as she wave's and look down kind of shyly. "Awe what's the matter? Do you have an answer for me?" I give an evil smirk but I guess she was to shy to tell me because she had to get her sister, Chloe, to tell me that she would be mine.

"Want me to walk you to class?" "Yeah sure!" She smiles at me and keeps walking. Wow, she has the most beautiful smile! She is gonna be what I need. I sigh but stop when I realize she stopped walking, " What's wrong? Why did you stop?"She looks at me and starts laughing, " this is my class silly," " Oh! I see, heh, well I will talk to you later then?" "Yeah i'll see you later!" 

I give her a side hug and and a gentle smile as I walk back to my class. Not knowing many people in there but there is a  guy who seems cool to hangout with. His name is Alex. I've seen him and Felicity hang out and talk but not much. 

-TIme..... TIME....TIIIIMMMMEEEE..... skip :\-

We walk to the buses together, having little chats and playing around with every little thing. We finally get to them after a minute or two. We hug and say our goodbyes. After about 30 minutes of riding the bus I make it home, Listen to Youtube, and play video games.

Felicity's POV

I got home about five minutes after the buses took off, being one of the first to be dropped off and last to get is low key a blessing. I giggle to myself as I start thinking about how I am dating Tyler.I lay in my bed and let my thoughts take it's place. I have had a few boyfriends before him, but none of them made me feel like this before. I have never gotten butterflies before in my life, heck I've never kissed anyone before. I don't even think I have held ha- I shoot up from my bed when my mom walks in the room with a curious expression on her face.

 "Yes?" I say with wonder while she just kinda stares at me looking pissed. "So you have a new boyfriend?" "Yeah, why?" " I told you that you weren't going to date anyone for a while since it only took you a week to break up with him!" " Well this one is different mom. His name is Tyler, He is tall, skinny, black hair, and a little weird. He is my type. You can meet him Friday if you take us out on a date to the movies?" I move my brows up and down with a smirk on my face in hopes she would say yes. 

"I suppose that will work." I jump up and down. "I can't wait to tell him!" I say to myself as I lay down and listen to music the rest of the night.

He don't know it, but he made me the happiest girl alive! "Goodnight Tyler!" I say to myself before I get ready to sleep. I finally doze off about an hour later with a smile formed across my face with the thought of him on my mind that night. 

-The Next Day so what is that? *people yell from a distance* >.< yeh time skip-

'"Are you kidding me?" I yell at her in anger when she tells me all different kinds of things. " Yes I'm serious. I don't want to start stuff between y'all already, but he was trying to hold my hand on the bus and everything." I glare at her knowing she is just mad that he "dumped" her. " Look, I am sure you mean well but now let me tell you something. okay?"

She just stares at me, but then slowly nods her head, "Good. Alright let's see. I don't like you around him because you are.. Well, you! With that said don't sit with him on the bus. If he is messing with other girls I will deal with that, but he wasn't dating you in the first place. So guess what?" "What?" She asked me in an innocent voice but I know she and whoever is listening to our conversation is gonna think I am a total bitch when they hear me say," HE WILL NEVER LIKE YOU!"

She scoffs and walks away running her mouth to the first person she see's coming her way that would listen. I shake my head and wait patiently for Tyler when I see Kaylie and Abby heading my way. (Haven't seen them since chapter 1 XD) "Hey bitch!" Abby greets me with her best welcome. I say hi to her and wave at Kaylie coming from behind her. 

"So I heard you are dating Hannah's boy..friend?" Abby makes the word longer than it should be while waiting for me to answer. "Nope. I am dating my boyfriend. She never had a chance, I mean they weren't even dating for real." "That's not very nice to say about Hannah! She liked him a lot!" I glare at her as I feel the heat of anger come up from my neck and cheeks. 

" No, she stalked him. Hell, she showed up at his house one morning and kept trying to take him places." I say with a little steam but shrug my shoulders to them till I hear another voice behind me. 


HELLO!!! This one is longer than most ones but I just had to add certain things to get other's in there. If you would like I could put it in others POV besides the same two people. tell me what your opinion on that is okayz?? BYEZZZ!

So how about this one is a little over 1,000 words!! Eek isn't that exciting? I mean if you don't think it is then guess what??? YA KILLED ME! *Fakes death* X.x        

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