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Felicity's POV

 It's been two weeks and I can't tell you how many rounds or times he has came in me. He is so certain I am pregnant though. I on the other hand, do not think I am. I simply choose not to believe it. I mean what would you do if you were in tenth grade and sixteen years old? I want a kid, but not the pregnancy, if you know what I mean. I then get a message from Tyler, "Speak of the devil." I say to myself as I check it.

Tyler- Hey, I have a few things for you when you get to school.

Me- Ooooh what is it?

Tyler- Not telling.

Me- *Pouts* Fine. I will see you at school then. I love you baby! <3

Tyler-  I love you too baby doll! :* 

-Time skip to school- 

I arrive and see Tyler patiently waiting for me by the dip we usually stand at. "Hey baby!" I say while walking up to hug him. He hugs me back as we get eyes on us for "PDA" at school. "Hey baby, so you wear a large right?" Yes why?" He smiles at me and hands me a BVB shirt. "Awe baby! You didn't have to get me this. Thank you!" His smile gets bigger," Be careful not to break or show what is inside of it. " 

I look at him in confusion and start to open the shirt a little bit. There was two blue bags with something long in them. "What are those?" Pregnancy test." He said with a casual tone. My eyes widen as I realized what he wanted me to do. "Here??" He smiles slightly," Yes here. You can't at my house because I won't be able to hide them for long. You  can't at your house because... Well your whole family." I nod my head in agreement understanding what he meant.

I couldn't do it at my own house because everyone is always going threw my things or being nosy. I am never able to "get away" with anything because out of my siblings I am the only one they really watch. It's honestly ridiculous.

After about an hour or two I have to pee, so thank goodness I am going between classes. I get into the bathroom and go to the stall. After a minute or two of digging in my book bag, finding them, figuring out what the hell I am suppose to do with them, I am finally ready.  I take it out of the wrapper and take off the piece that's covering the part you pee on. 

I sat there and stared down at it. I was fixing to find out if I was pregnant or not. I am terrified, but excited. Wanting it to show that positive sign, but at the same time not. Realizing I needed to get to class soon I finally decided to pee and figure this out. It said to wait three minutes before checking, so after I peed, I put the little cap back on and went to class.

I waited more than three minutes because half way through a hour and a half class, I decided to check it. "Negative.." I whisper to myself. That sucks.. Wait till Tyler finds out. After a whole other hour, I went to Tyler after class and told him. He seemed sad about it, but wanted me to take the second test just in case the first one was wrong. 

I really loved how he wanted this so badly. Through my little life I never seen this young of a guy be so determined to have a kid. I told him that if this test came out negative that we would just wait like we originally planned. He agreed and I went to go take the test.

-Time skip-

The test once again came out negative. We were sad, but it wasn't a big deal. We did have a lot of life a head of us and we didn't want to put stress onto each other with a kid. The year is almost over with so we decided it was best to just wait one or two more years of school before actually having a kid. 

"I can't believe I am going to be a senior next year." I looked at Tyler and he had the biggest smile on his face. "Yeah I know baby it's gonna be great." What are you gonna do though? You are gonna be a junior and I won't be able to keep the guys away from you or see if you are being good." I stared at him and smiled," It's cute how you worry but no guy is gonna mess with me and I am going to stay away from the guys you tell me too." He nodded which means he trusted me to do so. 

Over the year as we were dating, me and Tyler has had incidents or done things that wasn't good. No we have never cheated on each other. We both love each other and don't believe in cheating. In fact, bad things would happen when we take a little break from each other. I had a guy forcefully grab my face and kiss me, I also had another guy during a totally different time, kiss me while we were hanging out. 

I hated it and so did Tyler. He tried to blame it on me, but I think it wasn't my fault. I never kissed them back. Not once. I even tried to get the guy that grabbed my face away from me. With Tyler however, he is to nice to girls.. Like not nice nice where he is all touchy, but he gets to close to them. He ended up liking one of them during one of our breaks, but she cut him off because of me. She liked him back I know though. Me, Tyler, and her were never friends again because I didn't want her near him. There are more, but they are for another time..

 We have trust issues, that is all that really needs to be said. I have nightmares about it. In my dreams we would just be sitting there arguing ten he would run off to some other girl... It was always the same selective few that he would run off with. My dreams were never the same, but had the same people. Recently however was a new person I never dreamed of worrying about. 

I got angry at him a while back and decided we needed a break. The reason for this is because I told him he could be friends with girls, but not on social media. He adds this one girl in his class however and ignores me for her. So I told him that if he can't respect what I ask of him then he can ask her out because he was now single because of her. He told her what I said and what did she do? She said no because she was talking to someone else. Tyler showed me the messages of him telling her that he didn't want to date her and everything. 

Every time he does something off with these females he always ends up understanding one way or another of why I don't like it and why he needs to stay away from them. He always ends up coming around to seeing my point of view. I would tell him what the girls are like for example a slut, bitch, or anything in those categories. I can even tell when they like him. 

He wouldn't be able to see it, but when he finally does, I love it.I love him and he loves me. We don't and won't let people get between us no matter how hard they try. 


So in this chapter, you learn and get into more detail that Their relationship isn't all cupcakes and rainbows. They make mistakes, but also learn from them. People in real life do the same things.. I just wish they would learn faster.

ANNNNYYYWAAAAAYYYY, I might stop at 25 chapters, but not sure. For now though that is where it'll end.

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