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Felicity's POV

After talking to Tyler about the whole misunderstanding the situation with Hannah I decided to go look for her. As I was walking to my next class I finally spot her and start going after her," Hannah! Wait up!" She turns around and starts walking towards me as I head her way. " Hey girl, what's up?" I look at her with anger in my eyes and a harsh tone, " why did you lie to me?" " Lie? What did I lie to you about exactly?" I glare at her as I can't believe that she is acting clueless. " You lied to me about Tyler! You didn't ask him out and he didn't ask you so why are you saying that he is dating you?" I scoff with anger filling me with every word I say.

She laughs before saying, " I didn't lie he is my boyfriend." She innocently smiles at me and my heart races. " No you aren't Hannah! He said y'all weren't! Hell, he didn't even know he had a girlfriend." " Look Felicity, I know you like him and you can't accept the fact he doesn't like you." I widen my eyes as I can't believe the nonsense coming from her mouth. " You know what Hannah? You'll see who is right in the end. You can believe what you want."

-Time skip by the one and only Rabbit-

I haven't talked to Hannah since that day, but I have learned more and more about Tyler. He is a "Yankee" as some people put it, he is 16, and he has a little sister. We talked as much as we could the past few days. " Hey, can I ask you something?" " Is something wrong?" I look at Chloe in concern. " Why don't you date him?" " Date who? Tyler?" She gave me the evilest smirk I could possibly see, " Yes Tyler, you know you could tell him the plan to getting rid of Hannah. I mean they aren't really dating right?" I wide grin crosses my face and that is when I decided to message Tyler right then and telling him how he can "break up" with Hannah and maybe we could start dating. He agrees and we discuss it that entire morning.

Tyler's POV

My heart is racing, I know me and Hannah aren't really a thing, but I don't want to hurt her feelings. I don't want people to think I'm a dick. I mean She has told everyone we are dating. Just then I look down at my phone to see that Felicity or "little bunny" as it says in my phone that she was heading my way. I look up and see her smiling and waving, I then wave back and greet her with a friendly hug. " Hey butterball, you ready?" I look at her with worry and hesitation. She looks at me and frowns," you don't want to do you?" My eyes widen and I reassured her that I wanted to.

She understood and offered to "break up" with Hannah for me. " So you are really okay with doing that for me?" She gently smiles at me, " Yes of course. You shouldn't be forced into a relationship." I nod at her and wait for Hannah to show up, but before I knew it Felicity spotted her before me and walked right up to her.

I can hear distant talking, but I can make out what they are saying. What if they start fighting? What if she doesn't leave me alone? What if... "I am thinking to much again." I say to myself as I see my new best friend walking back to me.

"You are now officially single!" she grins widely as she hears her own words leave her mouth. " That's perfect. Now cmon let me walk you to your bus." We reached the buses, say our goodbyes and I start to get on my bus something told me to be bold.

"Hey Felicity?" She turns around and looks at me with curiosity," Yes?" I hesitate and then say," Will you be my girlfriend?" She just looks at me and loses emotion. " Umm.."


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