A message from Me!!

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HELLO!!! As you can see this isn't a chapter! I am letting you all know that I will be updating once a week, but if you want them earlier then that I am completely okay with that.

Again, Don't stay silent. I would love for y'all to give me idea's and your opinion on my story. Don't be a silent reader! Be free to tell me about the situation going on with the character's. As I have said before this is my first story. 

I have been on Wattpad for a while but recently joined back. I was reading a book and it kinda inspired me to write my own. Again there will be mystery, romance, smut, humor here and there, and also it'll be full of life. 

I will try my best to make this story great sooo yeah that is all I have to say right now lol.

Any whooooo! I will see you guys later *boops your nose* :) 

XD XD If you like it give me a follow, vote, and tell me what you think XD XD


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