Is She Looking At Me?- 2

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Tyler's POV

I get home after the long day and everything was different. I didn't really wanna be at this small town, I missed my friends and I had to leave a girlfriend behind. We broke up because of the distance even if it is about an hour away. I don't really have anyone to take care of anymore. We weren't really a relationship anyways, we were kinda just make out buddies. 

My thoughts were then interrupted by my loving mother.  " How was your first day of school?" I looked at her when I see the curiosity in her eyes while she cleans. " It was okay. I made a new friend already, his name is Andrew." She gently smiles at me and sighs, " well, I am glad you are already making friends now come in here and help me clean the house while I deal with Taylor." 

I groan and look at her while thinking to myself why couldn't she stop at one child? A few minutes later, while I am cleaning my step dad walks in and greets me and heads right back outside to smoke. My real dad lives in Topeka, Kansas. I haven't seen him since I was real little. I wonder what he is like? What would life have been if he was still here with us? I finally stopped my thoughts and realized I didn't see my mom anymore.  "Mom?.. Mom??" I go in the living room and find her sleeping on the couch, so I stop cleaning and play my video games. "This is gonna be a long new year." I say to myself before my game finally loads.

Time Skip Brought to you by the next day of the month 

Felicity's POV 

" FELICITY! GET UP AND GET READY FOR SCHOOL! WAKE UP THE OTHER'S!" I squint my eyes as I hear my mother from her room. I roll out of bed, get my siblings, and head to school. As I am waiting for my friends to arrive at school I see Andrew and the new kid walking together. " He has a wonderful smile" I smile as they walk pass me and my attention is turned towards my friends when I get a finger snapped in my face.

 " Hello? Are you even noticing me?" " Huh? What??" I finally look at who was talking to me and it was no one other than Kaylon. " Who are you staring at?" She gets on her toes and tries to make out on who I was looking at. " Will you stop before you make it noticeable that we are staring?" " Noticeable? I don't even know who we are staring at!" 

She gives me a glare and just sits there waiting for me to tell her who I was basically drooling over. " Ugh, the new kid okay? I was looking at the new kid." Her face lights up as she notices him and she turns to me and starts jumping up and down. I give her a serious face silently telling her to stop, so she fake pouts and crosses her arms around her chest. 

Andrew's POV (Didn't expect that huh?) 

As I was walking with Tyler I notice Felicity staring at us. Is she blushing? I think to myself before I notice my new friend looking at me in confusion. "What?" He just kept looking at me until he finally speaks up," Who is she and why is she blushing?"

 My eyes widen. Shit! Ahh!! You moron you said it out loud!! are you kidding me??? umm, quick come up with something. " Um.. I was talking about my girlfriend... Yeah, I saw a picture and she was blushing but I wasn't sure!" I look at him practically sweating hoping he would buy it. Felicity is very attractive and I really like regardless of my girlfriend or not.

 " Um okay man, whatever." He shakes his head as he leans against the pole in the recess area. Phew. He bought it, what a relief, soon enough I will have her as mine. for all I know she was finally looking at me.  I smile from the thought's that go through my head about Felicity. I look over at to where her and her friends are and just see Kaylon, I believe her name is, just pouting. I don't like that girl. She is like '4.0' and has to much energy, plus, she talks to much. 

Tyler's POV

I go to stand by myself realizing Andrew is to lost in thought to even realize I left but, then I saw her. She had short curly, brown hair, she was about '4.2', she is wearing black jeans with gray tiny shoes, and a little chubby, which is fine with me. she's beautiful and I like me a thick girl, I think to myself when I see her looking for someone.

 I forget about it and look around the place just for a moment seeing everyone who attended this country hick school until I felt a pair of eyes on me. I look over to where I felt them and see the same girl staring at me, but when I look she turns away really fast. That was adorable! She is shy, but we made eye contact. I didnt expect her to look away so fast. I could've waved or walked to her. This is gonna be good. I wonder wh- My thoughts were interrupted by the bell and I head to class just wondering when I might see her again today and who she was. "I think I felt a small zing when I looked into her eyes" I whisper to myself when I finally start paying attention to work. 

T-T-T-T-TIME SKIP back at it in this commotion 

I get home to see my dad was off of work today. " Great" I say to myself when I realize there are empty beer cans beside him. "Heyyy, what are you doing here? Is school out already? Damn it, I.... was hoping day would stay good...." He slurs his word  and make them longer than they really should as he laughs and tries to mess with me. 

" Yes I am out of school! I am going to play video games now leave me alone!" He grabs me and pulls me to him, " I paid for that shit so you can't play it. " He pushes me away and goes and unplugs the play station and takes all the games. I just stand there and glare at him until he throws one of the objects at me and hits me in the face. " What the hell?!?! Geez, why can't you leave me alone already?" 

My dad just laughs at me and goes back outside, as for me I head to my room and start watching Youtube. I can't help but think of the way that girl was looking at me. Is she scared to talk to me? What if she just thought I looked weird and was embarrassed she got caught looking at me?  After a few minutes I finally fell asleep with the thought of this mysterious girl and the sound of Youtube still playing. 


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