First date-7

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Tyler's POV

I get to school and already I see Felicity and her friend Abby I believe butting heads. As I get closer I hear them arguing about me. I walk up not wanting to say anything until I hear Felicity, "-his house one morning and kept trying to take him places".I then decide to say something coming from behind my lovely girlfriend. 

"Hey what's going on?" " Well Abby over hear has heard that you are cheating on Hannah with me when you aren't even dating the idiot!" I look at Abby then Felicity, I pause for a moment until I finally mutter something under my breath, " of course she heard it.." 

I shake my head and laugh a little, " I am and never have dated Hannah so I don't know who gave you the bright idea that I was cheating. Shit, I don't even believe in cheating." Abby then scoffed and rolled her eyes at the both of us as she walked off to join other friends. 

I slowly turned back to my pissed off girlfriend, but quickly realized she has a giant smile planted on her face. " what's up with you, ya little psychopath?" " You wanna go on a date with me Friday? My parents already agreed to take us to the movies. We will be able to pick out a movie when we get there. 

I smile and let out a little chuckle," I would love to!" She smiled and nodded her head, just then we hear the bell ring and we head to class. I can't help but think of all the things that could happen. What do I wear? Do I even try to make a move, yknow hold her hand or try to give her a kiss? Do I bring her a gift or do I just come with only myself? In the middle of overthinking I look over to see I am the only one in the classroom and see my girlfriend standing in the doorway just waiting for me. " Lost in thought?" I look down in embarrassment," yeah a little bit." I shyly admit. Why am I acting this way? I have had plenty of girlfriends in the past.. why does she make me nervous?

Felicity's POV

I just stand there even longer realizing Tyler is caught in his own thought again. I giggle to myself as I notice he is smiling to himself. "Wow" I whisper to myself as I realize I am falling for this weirdo.. and I am falling fast.

-Time Skip toOOOOoooOO Date Night WOOP WOOP <3-

I start getting ready as it is getting closer and closer to picking him up, but I am really frustrated. " WHAT DO I EVEN WEAR?" my mom glares at me," Nothing cuz you won't be going if you raise your voice at me." I stare at her," just tell me what I should wear." She goes and looks through my closet.My mom pulls out a blue Lacey dress shirt with blue jeans and converse. I agree and get ready to head out. 

Since Tyler don't live that far away from me, we leave immediately. I get to his door and knock semi lightly, I wait for a second till I see him walk out the door. He was wearing a nice black and white striped dress up shirt, black boots, and jeans. 

"You ready to go?" " Yeah I think so." He smiles and we walk side by side to the car. He greets my parents and we head to the theater.

-1 Hour Later-  

We finally get to the theater and we decide on watching Batman V.s. Superman . We go in and get a popcorn with a large coke. We sit down almost at the top, my parents sit a few rows below us to give us space. Man.. It sucks being 15 your parents have to take ya everywhere. I look over at him and we just smile casually as we look into each others eyes. 

I was right.. I sigh as I smile wider, he has beautiful blue eyes like I predicted before.  We chat but  then the movie starts. We sit there for a little bit enjoying the movie but then I see him lean closer to me. " Do you like superman or batman better?" I look over at him and we awkwardly stared at each other for a moment. Being 2 inches from his face I finally snapped out of it," Batman, because I really don't find superman fascinating!"

He just laughs and says he likes Superman better. We chat through almost the whole movie, making a lot of awkward "kiss me" moments, but it never happened. Although we got one step closer when I decided I wanted him to hold my hand. 

I waited a moment and acted like i was chilly. " Are you cold?" He looks at me in concern and I smile. " yeah mostly my arms and hands.." (See what I did there?)  He smiles and smoothly said," Well, let me warm your hand up for you." He grabs my hand and butterflies and nerves send a wave through me. 

A little while later after the movie, I walk him to his door. We hug and say goodnight. When I get home I lay there just thinking of the wonderful day it has been spending it with him. I never recalled falling asleep, but I guess my brain was soothed enough to shut itself down for the night. 


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