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Tyler's POV

School. I hate it. I am a junior this year and the only thing really good about it is seeing my girlfriend. I want school to be over but it scares me to start my life. I am 17 now however so I gotta start thinking about the future.

I am wanting to go into gaming and computer technology. I wonder what she is wearing for the day? I think to myself but come to realize my bus was here to get me. I get to school to see Felicity standing by a door waiting for me.

"Hey baby." I walk up to her and give her a hug. "Hey! You would never believe it but my mom wanted to know what I see in you and stuff the other day." ReAlLy?!?!" She laughs at me before saying," Yeah, but after I told her she just stared at me.. She opened her mouth like she was gonna say something. She then closed her mouth and walked away." she sighs as she finishes the last part and I just stare. "It's okay sweetie they will come around alright?"

"Yeah I suppose so... Um can I ask you a question?" I looked at her with worry and curiosity in my eyes as I say," Sure babe. You can ask me anything." Do you think we will get married one day?" I smile gently at her as I see the worry in her own eyes. "Yes baby, After you graduate." She looked up shocked and happy," Really babe, you mean it?" Of course sweetie."

We walk to class and the day went on as usual. I walk her to her bus give her a kiss and we both head home. I loved seeing my baby since my birthday. Her beautiful hazel eyes, black curly hair, and perfect short little body. I love her with all my heart,


I know it's short okay, but it fits in with my amazing plan for the next chapter.

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