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Omega by uniquegirl2002
Omegaby L.E.T
#377 in werewolf (3/3/2017) #193 in werewolf (3/9/2018) Sam is the lowest of low. Her pack tells her she is an omega. Her family trying to get rid of the abomination tha...
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Rare Knowledge by DeceasedSouls
Rare Knowledgeby DeceasedSouls
This book isn't for the faint of heart. Bullying isn't the answer for anyones problems. You also have to understand that there is another story. There is always a second...
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Punishment by Aidelojie
Punishmentby Aidelojie
She tries to hide but he will always know better //warning ⚠️: this is a spanking story that is not mine and has been altered. The original story can be found at: https:...
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My Slave~ by Kimrapmonster1268922
My Slave~by 🎃🍭RapMonsta!👻🍬
Levi had always been used to going from master to master in just a matter of weeks. It didn't take long for his masters to get tired of him so they just sold away to som...
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YOU (my own version)  by lunajolie
YOU (my own version) by lunajolie
You are my drug. But like any drug, you are poison. And poison is bad, you are bad. I need you out of my system but there is only one way to do that. Only one way to get...
Love the pain by SecretWriter148
Love the painby SecretWriter148
The darkness is always there. You just never notice it's there until you can see it, read it, feel it.
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Chocolate and Mint by Ballerina_Fears
Chocolate and Mintby AngelaMuk
This is the journey of surviving through poetry. The true meaning of hurting and loving has hardly existed in this wolrd. The path of Chocolate and Mint has finally met...
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The Baby Project by CadhaMisty
The Baby Projectby Zoella Skylar
"The Baby Project A project, where two people of the opposite gender has to take care of a mechanical baby with cctvs in their eyes that can monitor what the 'paren...
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when it gets dark outside by devilishbabyk
when it gets dark outsideby Kenzie anderson
Kelly didn't think becoming an adult could get more stressful, but when Johnny comes in to tear down her good reputation, her life continues to follow the downward spira...
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Forgotten Love by yangmh
Forgotten Loveby Daydreamer
Bamiya dates her best friend, Hakyeon in secret after she graduates from high school. Her and her older sister lives with their parents who had to move due to another jo...
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When I met you by Septic_Girl_101
When I met youby Im_Watching-0_0
He looks at me with a smirk on his lips as I slowly pull my pants down. " Are you sure you want this?" He gently asked me. I smile and nod my head no. He laugh...
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Light and Dark by alexia_littlewolf
Light and Darkby alexia_littlewolf
The light and darkness in him
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Cruel Love by GFandME
Cruel Loveby GFandME
When the you give the one you love your all, just to abandoned, with a crushed heart but it's OK now cause theirs nothing left , in my chest.
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Bad End (Bakugou x Ururaka story) by Bakughost
Bad End (Bakugou x Ururaka story)by Bakughost
"Why does it hurt so much, I love him so much..but he is not mine" There are some strong topics included in this story! -Including Rape -Abuse -Self Harm -Etc...
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