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Felicity's POV

It has been a few days since my birthday and he still won't give me the box. It irritates me, but I know he is doing it because it is important to him. I am getting ready however for a date. Tyler won't tell me where it is or what we are doing, but I am suppose to wear a dress.

I am not the dress type. I mean I don't have the perfect skinny body, legs, arms, or anything for that matter.. As long as he likes me for me then I am okay. I don't own dresses so I had to go shopping which is also something I do not like. Yes, I am a girl people!

I go to the Mall and look in every girly store there is and never could find one I liked, so being me I stopped looking and went into stores I would enjoy. I first go to Hot topic, but nothing was there, then I went to Spencer. I was looking and jackets until I looked up and saw a casual black dress with silky designs on it. " That one will do. It fits me." I say to myself. I grab the dress pay for it, then get me shoes to match.

After two hours of shopping I had finally gotten home. It only took me an hour to get ready, so I had an hour left before he showed up, which would be around six. "You look beautiful sweetie." Thanks mom." No problem sweetie.. wow.. I can not believe my baby is sixteen now!" I laugh and shake my head at her being fake surprised that I am growing up.

-Time skip-

"He is almost here!!!!" I yell, but my mom gives me this look, silently telling me to chill. I do as her eyes 'say' and calm. Inside I am freaking out though because ever since our first date, we haven't went on one since. It has been almost eight months into the relationship and we went on one date in the beginning. I always wanted to go but he would never ask. I wouldn't blame him because he is the type to where you have to tell him and I never tell him.

"Felicity, Tyler's here!" I here my mom scream from the kitchen. I walk up to the door and give him a hug. "Hey. You look beautiful." I feel my face heat up.. Man even after eight months he still gets to me. " Thank you! You also look wonderful." He smiles and we head to his car. He goes and opens the door for me then gets into his seat. "Where are you taking us baby?" He giggles," Don't worry about it." I groan at the thought of not knowing where.

It was almost dark when Tyler finally stopped the car at a small gate with woods surrounding it. "Tyler, what are we doing in the middle of no where?" He laughs," just follow me babe." I nod my head and we started walking. After a few minutes I see a light, but he tells me to cover my eyes. "Can I open then now?" I say moments later and he doesn't say a word. "Tyler?" I questioned, but feel hands tug at mine and pull them down. I was shocked at the view.

Tyler's POV

When I removed Felicity's hands from her mouth, her eyes went wide, and she gasped. "Do you like it?" She nods her head fast. It was a white tent with little lights going in rows. It had wooden benches and a beautiful wooden coated table. The table had a giant meal for two on it with candles even though the lights over power it. I wanted it to be special and her birthday wasn't it.

I take her by the hand and walk her to the table to sit her down. After we are seated we start talking about each others days and each other in general. "So you were pretty busy huh?" Yeah, I couldn't find anything until I went in there." We laughed and chatted for an hour before eating.

After we ate, I turned on music so we could slow dance to it. I wanted to set the mood even if I was over doing all this just a tad bit. "This is really nice sweetie. Why did you do all of this?" Well...." I started out," I know that I love you. I am never happy if you aren't here with me. I can't live without you and I have to make sure you are mine forever. We both say we will stay but a few weeks ago I decided we should make it official that we are serious about one another."

I then pulled out the box and opened so she could see a beautiful diamond blue ring. "I promise you will always have my heart." I simply say with a soft smile planted on my face. " I love you so much!" Is all she said before hugging me, then letting me put the ring on her finger. She really seemed to like the promise ring. I made it into her birth stone so that she will simply remember when I gave it to her.

The rest of the night we spend kissing, holding hands, and dancing with each other. I eventually took her home, kissed her goodnight and went home. I am the luckiest guy in the world. I have a girl who just promised to love and be with me forever. Everyone needs one special girl in there lives.


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