He's dating her?- 3

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Felicity's POV

It's been a few days since the new kid showed up. I wanna try and talk to him now. When we made eye contact the other day, I felt my whole face light up and the heat coming up from my neck. "Hey!! You aren't listening to me! AGAIN!" I hear Kaylon yell at me while I was to busy trying to find this guy I don't even know.

" What?" I look at her with a confused look hoping she would repeat what she was saying. " Geez, you need to get your head out of the gutter. You really didn't hear anything I just said to you??" I look down in embarrassment, " No, I didn't I'm sorry." " It's fine look, I was asking you, who do you think the new kid likes?" " What? umm well I don't think he likes me any of us, but if anything he would like Kaylie. She always get the guys. I mean she is tall, has the perfect body. She just seems the "ideal" girl." I say with irritation and a bit of sadness while she agree's with me until I hear the unthinkable!

My friend Hanna walks up to us with all happiness surrounding her face. "What's up with you?" I look at her in confusion before she answer's with this, " You know the new kid? Yeah, his name is Tyler and he's my boyfriend!" She squels and just smiles at us. My eyes widen when I hear this. Out of all of us Hannah? He likes Hannah!! Great.. Well now I can't even try dating him.. Unless? I get a giant grin on my face as I look over to Tyler and see him just chatting away with Andrew. "Now is my chance" I whisper to myself before getting the guts to walk over to these two guys. " Hey Andrew, whatchu you been up too?" " Nothing much, just chilling." I smile and then turn my attention to the boy I have been watching for the past few days.

" Hi. I'm Felicity what is your name? What kind of music do you like?" I ask with a giant smile on my face and stare at the handsome boy in front of me as I've never talked to him before. He just stares at me for a moment before finally speaking, " My name is Tyler and I mostly like rock music and rap." I smirk at him as I just turn around and walk off after he tells me that. . I turn around and give him a quick smile before heading to class. I wonder if he will like me? i think to myself. I know one thing is for sure. I'm gonna marry that boy! , I think to myself as I walk back over to my friends just to realize Andrew and Tyler follow behind me and stand with us.

Tyler stands by me and we gently smile at each other. So I decide to bring the weirdness out of me and I poked his side. To my surprise he pokes me back, I giggle at him and we start having a poking war. I was flustered and just full of happiness that he was actually playing around with me. All the fun ended though when the bell rings and we head to class, but I am then stopped by Hannah." Are you flirting with my boyfriend?" I glare at her, " Yes, Yes I am." She just blankly looks at me until saying, " don't take him away from me alright?" I laugh and agree then head to class with the biggest smile on my face the rest of the day.


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