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This chapter has SMUT, I will put **** when the smut really starts and ends. If you skip this entire chapter then you might miss something. That is up to you to actually skip or not. Thanks


Author's POV

Felicity got ready to go to her boyfriends house. She got a message from him saying he had a surprise for her. She got excited and got ready a little faster. While Tyler on the other hand was cleaning his room and got everything ready for her. 

They went and picked her up. She couldn't figure out why, but Tyler was more affectionate today. They exchanged many I love you's in the car on the way to his home. She asked him what he had planned and he simply told her that he wasn't saying. She would see it shortly, so she would have nothing to worry about. 


When they got to their destination, Tyler grabbed Felicity's hand and lead her to his room. She didn't think much about it. They started kissing intensely and She was cradling him. He grabbed the ends of her shirt like he was gonna take it off, but didn't until he got permission to do so. She laughed at him and moved his hands up like that was the cue. Tyler took her shirt off and she did the same thing to him quickly after. 

Tyler grabbed her and put her down gently on the bed and started to unbutton her pants. She giggled and bit her lip while he kissed down her stomach. He stopped at her panties and went back up to kiss her lips. She whimpers at this sudden change and mercifully kissed his lips. She slowly moved down to sucking his neck while unbuttoning his pants. 

They both were just in underwear now and they were kissing every nook and cranny of each others bodies. Tyler put her on top of him in a cradling position and undid her bra. She giggled and tried to cover them. He laughed and asked what she was doing. She replied that she didn't like them. He laughed and grabbed her hands. He did.

(Sorry if this is slow. I want it to be detailed letting y'all know they aren't "fucking" They are making love)

They give tender kisses and love bites to each other, none of them going past that. After a few minutes of getting each other to a good point again, he went down and put his hand in her panties. She gasped and let out a small moan when he put one finger in her when she wasn't expecting it. 

He put another finger into her and started moving his hand at a steady pace. She moaned with every movement he did. He hushed her to be quieter so his parents wouldn't come in so she started sucking on his neck to keep her active. Tyler was now the moaning mess as Felicity found his sweet spot. 

She shushed him when he started getting a little bit louder. He decided that was enough teasing and slipped his fingers out of her entrance. He pulled her panties down slowly, then pulled his down next. She looked down and looked back up. Nope is all she said with a giant grin on her face. 

He looked confused and tilted his read. No? Is all he said and she tried to run, but he grabbed her. They exchange I love you's and he puts his member at her entrance. You ready is all he asked and she nodded. He pushes his member into her gently remembering it is only there second time. 

When it goes fully in he goes at a slow pace and all you could hear was there heavy breathing. Faster is all she says and Tyler does exactly that. Felicity moans lightly with every thrust, he wanted to hear more of her, so he rams it in her. She let out a loud gasp and dug her nails into his back. He laughed and started going back to a normal pace. 

He starts sucking on her neck, but she had a better idea. she wanted to hear him this time. She switched them to where she was on top and started moving herself. He was moaning things on the line of "oh god." She laughed at this and went a little faster. He made a giant grin on his face as he pulled her down on top of him, with her still on top he starts going. He went as fast as he could. 

Them both reaching there climaxes, he rolls them back over. Going faster and kissing her with every thrust. He asks her where she would want it. (meaning to pull out or not)  She told him to do what he wanted and he came in her for the first time.


"Why didn't you pull out?" I hesitantly ask," Well, I've been thinking and you are right. Yes, we are young, but we both have jobs and it'll be nice to have a kid." I looked at him in shock," Really??! Are you sure?" 

He looks at me with a warm smile," Yes baby. I am sure. I mean... We aren't 100% ready for one. There are somethings we don't have like our own home, a stable job, money, then ther-" I stopped him and smiled," We are teenagers... Even if we don't have a good job we still have jobs. We will be great, okay.. Yes we don't have our own home but hey we will figure something out? We can try and have one for now but if it doesn't happen when we first start trying we will stop." he looks at me with a smirk," Okay baby that's fine with me baby!" 

We cuddled the rest of the night until she had to leave. We sat there and talked about the most random things. It was great. I was honestly happy. My life haven't been the best and I never planned on getting close to anyone. It only took one look at her and I fell pretty hard. 


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