Chapter 50: Good Girl Gone Bad

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[A/N: Songs for the chapter:
- All Time Low // Bad Enough For You
- Parachute // You And Me
- 5SOS // Good Girls]

Christmas flew by and I spent everyday texting Tyler, desperate to see his face again after spending two weeks across the country. He seemed quite miserable now that his parents were back and I guess it didn't help that Rosemary left to spend time with her own family. Tyler didn't have a problem with dad, they got along pretty well. But when it came to his mom, he seemed exhausted by the pretence he put on to pretend he enjoyed her company. She was quite...exhausting.

I didn't blame him because hanging out with Mrs Miller was draining. She used to insist on taking Taylor and I to spas all the times, adamant on making sure that her daughter looked drop dead gorgeous all the freaking time. There was a time when she miraculously convinced the twins to model but they wrecked havoc in the studio and broke the entire camera kit. Needless to say, she never proposed the idea ever again.

Taylor's death changed their mom. She became less affectionate, more superficial and stopped taking an interest in her son's life. I don't think she changed on purpose, and I don't think she mean to hurt Tyler so much. Where the Millers should have stuck together, they scattered apart. All she cared about now was her reputation. Maybe it was because Tyler reminded her too much of the life she was trying to escape through her job. He was the exact replica of her daughter after all.

Either way, I was slightly worried about how his parents were going to affect his mood. I didn't want him to brood and become the empty shell he was at the start of senior year. The night before school started again, Mom and I made it back to town and for some reason, she refused to let me pop by Tyler's house.

Okay, so maybe she was still annoyed after catching us making out on the living room floor. I didn't think I had ever seen Tyler become so red before. His entire face turned into a tomato as he awkwardly shuffled out of the room and through on his coat, scarf and shoes. He couldn't even summon the confidence to kiss me goodbye when I walked him to the door.

That very night Mom gave me the lecture of my life on being safe around guys and it took an hour for her to finally understand that there was no way in hell that I was sleeping with Tyler. Talk about embarrassing! After she accepted my apology, she turned into a giggling teenage girl and asked me about my first date. I had to recite every detail the way Mona forced me to - even Tyler's 'Loveheart' stunt.

"Ash, we're here."

I glanced up from my coffee and looked out of the window, astonished to find that the school parking lot was crawling with excited, hyperactive teenagers. Sea green eyes bored into mine, studying my face as I snapped out of my daydream and unbuckled my seat belt.

"What?" I asked, unnerved by his sudden scrutiny but Tyler shook his head and stepped out of the car.

Grabbing my bag and hot chocolate, I jumped out into the cold and took care not to slip on the thin layer of ice that coated the asphalt. All the snow had melted away but that didn't mean the treacherous ice was disappearing any time soon.


I looked up, startled that Tyler was so close to me. He cupped my face and his eyes flickered between mine; left then right, right then left. Our breath fog mingled together and the heat fanned my cheeks, a stark difference from the numbing cold that nibbled at my skin.

"Are you okay?"

The question caught me off guard and I only had to register the concern that creased his brow and pulled his mouth into a frown to realise that he was being serious.

"Of course I am," I replied with a wide smile. "Why do you ask?"

He frown stretched up into a slight grimace.

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