Chapter 42: Nothing Makes Me Uncomfortable

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Song for this chapter:
- Miley Cyrus // When I Look At You
- Ellie Goulding // Your Song
- Birdy // Wings
- Blink-182 // I Miss You
- Lea Michele // Empty Handed

"Where's the flour?"

"Top left cupboard, first shelf."

Tyler nodded, rummaging through the cupboard as his fingers closed around random items in haste to find the flour. Surreptitiously, I hungrily ravished at the sight of his back muscles rippling whenever he moved and I wondered if he purposely wore such a tight shirt to give me a heart attack. I was too busy checking him out to realise that his head was angled so that he was peeking over his shoulders at me.

"It's not there," He said after my cheeks lit up and spontaneously combusted. "Did you say top right or top left?"

"Top left. First shelf."

Tyler grunted for another minute, patting the highest shelf without bothering to look at what his hands were touching.

"I can't find it," He complained and I rolled my eyes.

Striding over to him, I placed a hand on his shoulder and stood on my tiptoes. I reached up and pushed the vinegar asides before latching onto an unopened bag of flour.

"You're either blind or stupid," I laughed when his jaw dropped open. "Or both."

"But I already checked..." Tyler's eyes flickered to the shelf I told him to check all along. "You know what, never mind."

I laughed and placed some distance between us, returning to the sink to wash my hands clean before making a start on our assignment. For the first time ever, we were baking in my kitchen since Rosemary caught us in an inappropriate position that was otherwise pretty much innocent.

Okay, so there was an actual reason to explain why Tyler's hands were down my shirt but she didn't seem to buy our story which was a shame. Their kitchen was pristine, high ceilinged and probably the same size as my entire house. So I was slightly disappointed that we couldn't hang out at the Miller mansion since we could've really used Rosemary's advice on how to bake our final piece in less than two hours.

Since Tyler couldn't follow any instructions, I took out the rest of the equipment as he measured out the flour using the weighing scale. His chirpy whistle filled the silence and I found myself singing along the to tune he was whistling. I found it strange how he managed to make a sad song sound lively and happy when the lyrics made my chest tighten.

"'Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head," I bobbed my head up and down, cracking three eggs and adding them to the bowl that was located in front of Tyler. "I miss you, I miss you."

Sea green perked up at the sound of my soft voice and he stopped whistling.

"I didn't know you like Blink-182," He remarked in a soft tone laced with awe.

"You're forgetting that I was the person who got you into them," I replied, stealing a glance at his side profile.

He looked puzzled and I chuckled.

"Eighth grade? I let you borrow their first two albums and you never gave it back."

A booming laugh came from Tyler and I turned to the side, surprised to find him standing a lot closer than I remember him being.

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