Chapter 64: Who Even Wears Clothes To Bed?

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[A/N: Dedication to 101oBsEsSioNs because she's pretty much the definition of awesome. You guys should check out her stories. Songs for the chapter:
- Avril Lavigne // What The Hell

- One Republic // Something I Need]

After losing track of time because of Tyler's kisses, a nurse interrupted us and kicked him out. He was forced to return to his own room which was situated on the top floor where the private sectors were located. Despite his protests, his mom moved him out of his original room which had been down the corridor so that he couldn't sneak back into my room after visiting hours.

Still, he promised to return at midnight to keep me company because he knew just how delirious and bored I got after visiting hours. Somehow, I managed to convince Dr Khan not to add any sleeping sedatives to my medication drip, knowing that I didn't want to be out cold when Tyler crept back into my room.

Alert and awake, my eyes scanned the clock that hung above the door for the umpteenth time and my shoulders sagged with disappointment. It was half past midnight and I was growing incredibly restless. After a few minutes, there was a soft knock on my door and it creaked open.

"Are you decent?" Tyler whispered, clasping a hand over his eyes as he staggered into the room like a blind man.

"Nope, of course I'm not!" I barked a laugh even though there was no reason why I wouldn't be wearing clothes at midnight in a damn hospital room. "I mean, who even wears clothes to bed?"

"Definitely not me," He replied seductively, ruining his honey smooth voice with a rumbling laugh.

Despite his laugh, I was pretty certain that during the summer when the heat hit our town like a furnace, Tyler most certainly did sleep stark naked. He approached my bed and I scooted to the side, wincing from the effort of applying pressure onto my bandages in order to make some space on my bed. Tyler didn't take a seat; he just stood there and laughed when I raised an eyebrow in response.

"You're peeking between your fingers Ty," I giggled, forcing him to drop his hand and flash me a suggestive smirk.

"Well duh! I'm not missing out on any chances of catching you butt naked," He winked and I laughed, wishing that I could hide behind my curls like I used to when he made suggestive comments with his sexy smirk.

"Pervert," I muttered under my breath before sliding my gaze to the clock above the door. "You said you'd be here at midnight." 

Tyler rocked back and forth on his heels, sweeping his gaze around the room and failing to meet mine.

"You fell asleep, didn't you?" I breathed with disbelief.

Sheepishly, he took my hand and stared at me; guilty as charged.

"Maybe?" He sang, hoping that I'd be easily distracted by the way his thumb brushed my knuckles.

I had been cooped up inside the hospital for so long that I was grateful for any affection I could get from Tyler without being bombarded with the presence of the damn nurses that were always in my room; so consider me distracted.

"Screw me for thinking you'd actually come on time," I murmured, closing my eyes when he traced circles on my wrist.

"Gladly," Tyler waggled his eyebrows and dropped my hand.

He winked and blew me a seductive kiss which I caught and dramatically tossed to the floor. Wounded, Tyler blew me another and this time he caught it first, and then being the dork that he is, he smacked it onto my cheek.

"Ouch!" I screeched as he threw his head back and laughed. "That's...That's freaking abuse right here!"

"I wouldn't define it as abuse," Tyler pinched my stinging cheek and pouted in an attempt to look sexy. He lowered his voice. "Think of it more as some form of S&M."

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